Shaken Up

When an earthquake coincides with the loss of Supergirl's powers, Kara has to break new ground in her hero game.

  • Health
    From the virtual desk of

    Holographic Kryptonian AI Avatar In The Form Of Alura Zor-El, J.D., Deceased


    Kara Danvers, nee Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl


    Temporary but complete draining of all superpowers following a fight with a robot that was designed to kill Kryptonians (but which was actually rather silly).


    As is the occasional case with Superman, exposure to Earth's yellow sun should restore all powers after 48 hours or so.

    Have faith.
    Lean on those you trust.
    Check in with your holo-mom and her creepy robotic voice.
    Don't say anything stupid to jinx things while you're waiting to recover.

  • Continuity


    Remember how Alex and Kara suspect Alex's DEO boss of some kind of involvement in the mysterious death of Alex's father? So do they, but they're not about to tell Henshaw that.

  • Hell No!

    Sick Day For Supergirl

    By the time Kara gets back to her real job, she's already caught the crud from some kid on the bus. So her germophobe boss sends her home. Great, the one day she can be out superheroing all day without Cat Grant wondering where she is, and the superheroing is offline.

  • Character Study

    Truly Outrageous

    Name: Jemm.
    Age: Unknown and probably irrelevant.
    Occupation: Alien prisoner, formerly of Fort Rozz, now of the DEO.
    Goal: To escape his specially designed DEO cell so he can use his massive strength and psychic powers to lay waste to this puny world, presumably.
    Sample Dialogue: "I am Jemm, master of the faceless hunters, conqueror of twelve worlds!"
  • Dialogue

    Comic-Book Vocab Lesson

    James runs into Kara on the street and breezily mentions that he and Lucy are going to be moving in together. Kara hides her devastated reaction to that news as well as she can, but can't hide a sneeze.

    Lost your powers? "Solar Flare."
    I did not know we were calling it that.
    Well, he does. He likes to name them, you know? Heat vision, freeze breath--"
    He is such a nerd.
  • That Quote
    "You're right. The world can survive without Supergirl for one day."
    - Kara Danvers, precisely 1.36 seconds before a massive earthquake devastates National City -
  • Hell No!

    Truly On The Loose

    The earthquake also hits the DEO's underground HQ, just as Jemm is being transferred from his cell! When the alien proves to be at large in the complex, Henshaw orders the facility sealed. Alex hesitates before complying, because what if this is part of the latest stage in Henshaw's plan to continue massacring the Danvers family at the rate of one member every eleven years or so?

  • Hell No!

    Good News, Bad News

    James appears to have broken Kara's arm when he pushed her out of the way of an oncoming truck, so he now removes his shirt to fashion her a sling. This morning is just chock-full of boons that Kara is in no position to appreciate, isn't it?


    Especially when the city now looks like this.

  • Awkward

    Can You Read My Mind?

    Situation: Most of the DEO crew has holed up in Kara's Nap Room of Solitude, which is weird because I thought it only opened with her handprint. Whatever the case, Henshaw is equipping himself and two of his men with "neural disruptors" so they can venture out into the base to recapture Jemm without being vulnerable to Jemm's psychic powers.

    What makes it awkward? Henshaw orders Alex to stay behind, which doesn't sit right with her because of how she doesn't trust him, remember?

    How is order restored? Alex lets Henshaw have his way. For now.

  • Here's An Idea

    So Twitter Is Down Too, Then?

    Over at CATCO, Winn has just beaten all estimates for getting the satellites back online, impressing Grant so much that she is briefly aware of his existence. Alas, the feed shows Maxwell Lord, as is so often the case, shooting his mouth off about how Supergirl is AWOL when the city needs her most. "The world's most unreliable superhero," he declares. So another good news-bad news situation there. Grant responds by summoning "Witt" to her office to get her on the air so she can broadcast a rebuttal from her desk. You know, like all media CEOs do in times of crisis. Kara's plan is more direct: go talk to Lord face-to-face, and take James along to appeal to Lord's media-whoredom. I can't decide which plan is worse.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Jemm Vs. Hank Henshaw And Two Other Heavily Armed DEO Agents

    Back at the DEO, Alex and an Agent Donovan can do nothing more than helplessly monitor a degrading signal as Jemm apparently catches up with the away team in the halls. They lose contact with first Henshaw, then the two other agents. Hmm, seems fishy.

    Winner: Too early to tell, but definitely not the other two DEO agents.

  • Snapshot

    In The Image Of The Lord

    Because he's got nothing better to do at a media company during a time of citywide crisis, Kara drags James down to Maxwell Lord's adorable little relief station to snap his photo. Once she has Lord's attention, she takes the opportunity to lecture him about spreading hope instead of fear, and to cut Supergirl some slack. Lord confides what he really suspects, which is that Supergirl has lost her powers -- possibly as a result of the Red Tornado fight, and possibly permanently given that we're already outside the usual Solar Flare timeline. As for Silent Bob on the left there, he characteristically has no comment.

  • That Happened

    Trust Me, He Lied

    Henshaw returns to the bunker to reload and to relay the news that Jemm not only killed the other two agents, he read their minds first so that he now knows how to open every alien-holding cell in the place. And thus Jemm will be able to join forces with the other prisoners and bust out the main doors entirely. But Henshaw still insists on going back out alone, because there's only one neural disruptor left after Jemm destroyed the other two. Seems legit.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. The First Person Supergirl Can't Save

    When a desperate young woman runs up begging for help for her injured father, Lord can't help mentioning that he finished med school in a year. But there's nothing he can do for the man, because without an X-ray machine, there's no way to find the bleeding vein in his chest (bedside manner is apparently taught in the second year of med school). Kara tries to step up, but even her most constipated faces can't bring her powers back now. Sorry, nameless dead gentleman.

  • Here's An Idea

    If You Have One And Possibly Two Enemies Wandering The Corridors, Don't Go After Them Without Protection

    Somehow Alex manages to convince Agent Donovan that Henshaw is not to be trusted. And that their next move should be to go out and take on Jemm themselves. Without the brain-armor, and without any idea what Henshaw might actually be up to. How is Donovan going to resist Jemm's mind control when he's weak-willed enough to jump on board Alex's half-baked plan?

  • That Quote
    "No hero can save everyone. Not even Superman. But a real hero never stops trying."
    - James Olsen, trying to buck up Kara, seconds before trying to stop her from suiting up against a gang of looters -
  • Hell No!


    Alex and Donovan find no good news in the corridors; the other two agents are indeed dead, but their neural disruptors are working just fine and dandy, which means Henshaw lied. Alex scoops one up and orders Donovan to don the other, but he's too slow, and he ends up fighting against the mind-control whammy that Jemm is trying to use to force him to kill Alex. Who beats feet out of there. Alex's plan is working out great so far.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Cat Grant broadcasts live from her desk, appealing to National City's better nature to prevail over panic and selfishness. Unrelated: is it possible for a pair of glasses to be too on-brand?


    And while Grant is talking the city down, Kara is talking the armed looter down, using a combination of bluffing and empathy to stop him from pulling the trigger and killing her weakened ass dead. She's forced to hide her broken and shaking arm, so it's a good thing her cold went away when that injury occurred.


    James is there to capture the moment when the guy surrenders his weapon to her. Kara wisely quits while she's ahead, and doesn't try to bend the gun barrel into a U shape as is customary in these situations.

  • Awkward

    This Is Going In Your Performance Review

    Situation: Henshaw found Alex in the halls before Jemm did, and has dragged her out of sight into a server room.

    What makes it awkward? Alex chooses this moment to confront Henshaw about his lies, from the one about the neural inhibitors being destroyed to his failure to ever mention serving with her father. Is now really the time, Alex?

    How is order restored? Alex leaves Henshaw handcuffed to the wall and goes to meet Jemm on her own, offering to open the blast doors for him. I'm really not seeing how the decisions she's making right now are any more trustworthy than Henshaw is.

  • Awkward

    Picture Perfect

    Situation: James has just shown Kara the photo he took of her earlier, and how it proves she doesn't need powers to be a hero. He's also opened up about his dead dad, so she's not the only vulnerable one today.

    What makes it awkward? Winn walks in on them like this and is shocked! Shocked, I say! I'm sure his longtime pining for the Cooter of Steel has nothing to do with his reaction.

    How is order restored? Winn babbles to Kara and James about how he was able to figure out that the Kryptonian equivalent of adrenalin should jumpstart her powers again, and darts out of there. Kara chases him down, and then he snits at her that the hero doesn't get the guy. So what would that make you then, Winn? Fortunately, before this can get much uglier, a gas explosion rocks the building. Whew, that could have been uncomfortable.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Alex Danvers vs. Jemm

    Jemm arrives in the control room to meet Alex, but she's lying in ambush for him, attacking him with an assortment of weapons. She does manage to shoot out his forehead jewel, but he appears otherwise impervious to the very high volume of bullets she fires into him.

    Winner: With a surprise assist…Hank Henshaw! Oh, and the one Henshaw beats is Jemm, just to be clear.

  • Wrap It Up

    With several people trapped by fire a couple of floors above, Kara, James, and Winn coordinate a daring rescue in which James will climb up the elevator shaft and open the doors from inside. "I didn't say I was excited about it," he admits. That makes at least two of us.


    The non-speaking employees are saved, but another explosion threatens to send James plummeting 26 floors! He grabs the elevator cables and hangs on!


    Before James can reach the safety of the ladder, the cable frays and snaps, because even though it schleps carloads of people up and down all day, it can only hold a lone art director for a matter of seconds.


    Fortunately, the sight of James screaming down toward certain death is just the jolt of adrenalin Kara needed to get her powers back! I wonder how many floors James fell while she was changing into her costume.


    But now that she's up and running again, she's able to get back out there and start putting out fires! Sometimes literally.


    Hank gives Alex the explanation she's been waiting for: Jeremiah Danvers and Hank Henshaw did go into the wilds of Peru to track down an alien, but Alex's dad realized that the alien was no threat. He gave his life to save the alien from Henshaw, who also died. And then in return, that shapeshifting alien took Henshaw's form in order to reform the DEO and protect Alex like his own daughter, which at least explains why the flashback version of Henshaw seemed so much more evil. And now Alex is only one of two people in on "Henshaw's" secret: he is J'onn J'onzz, last son of Mars! Because obviously.


    Back at the office, Winn is still freezing Kara out even as she tries to make it up to him. Make what up to him? Exactly. James's relationship with Lucy is none of Winn's business. Kara's relationship with James is none of Winn's business, except inasmuch as Winn wants a relationship with Kara. Next time take the labels off of your judgy-pants before you wear them to work, Winn.


    Since James apparently isn't talking to her now either, Kara pays a visit to Cat Grant's balcony. Or rather, the space immediately above it. Grant yells at Supergirl for flaking today of all days, and Kara responds that Grant was there to inspire the city. Even she, Supergirl, was inspired. After making Grant smile, Supergirl flies off without so much as suggesting that Grant do something really inspiring, like give her long-suffering assistant a raise.


    And even after that warm moment, Kara can't even enjoy a quiet evening flight without getting knocked bodily out of the sky. The culprit: Astra's hench-Kryptonians, who have brought Kara to face their general. Astra mocks Kara for having thought this was over, but to be fair, I'm sure that when Kara's up that high, we all look like aunts.

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