I Kent With This

The world learns that Supergirl has a famous cousin, and apparently so does he.

  • Citizen Journal­ism

    Cat Grant's Interview Notes

    Just because an interview subject is an all-powerful alien superhero, that doesn't mean I have to fawn all over her. I had her flustered within three questions, defensive about distinguishing herself from Superman, and showing off her powers. All I had to do then was ask her about starting a family and she snapped that "my cousin" doesn't get those questions. She flew off in a huff after that, but I got what I needed.

  • Alert!

    Overt Affairs

    Alert Type: Inadvisable Revelations Alert.

    Issue: James runs into the Danvers sisters while they're sharing a morning coffee.

    Complicating Factors: James makes Alex a little uncomfortable with how in the loop he is; he even knows about her alien-hunting work with the Department of Extranormal Operations.

    Resolution: After James leaves, with assurances that he can be trusted with big secrets, Alex ratchets down the tension by remarking that Kara likes him. But when the TV starts trumpeting the scoop that Supergirl is Superman's cousin, fun coffee time is probably over.

    Spoiler: Ask Winn later how trustworthy James actually is with big secrets..

  • Meeting Time

    And I Need It All Yesterday

    Who called the meeting? Cat Grant.

    What's it about? Cat announces to Kara that she's throwing a party for a thousand guests to celebrate the launch of a special monthly magazine issue about Supergirl. And who's going to arrange everything? Duh.

    How'd it go? Grant blows off Kara's concerns about whether Supergirl really wanted her relationship with Superman on the record, because Grant plans to write the article for the magazine edition and wants the launch party to be the day after tomorrow. Wow, Kara would have to be Supergirl to pull that off. I don't see all this happening unless someone can fly around the earth fast enough for time to start going backwards.

  • Alert!


    Alert Type: Baddie Of The Week Alert.

    Issue: Some kind of supervillain is gearing up.

    Complicating Factors: He's a bit like Iron Man, with a metal mask, gauntlets, and chestplate with a glowing reactor at the center. But you can tell he's a bad guy because he's angry and scarred and poor enough to have to live in a moldy junkyard.

    Resolution: After his moldy TV reports the day's big news about the Kryptonian Kousins, this fellow zaps his TV and prepares to go Supergirl-hunting.

    Spoiler: Supergirl isn't his main target, but she'll do.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Kara reports to the DEO for a dressing-down from Director Henshaw about her big mouth, and to explain to Alex that the interview was to help herself figure out what the whole Supergirl thing meeeeans, man. While there, she learns about a multi-car pileup on the freeway and zooms off to help!


    Kara neutralizes a downed power line by kinking it like a garden hose, then rescues a trapped bus driver.


    But before she can even savor her triumph, the baddie from before shows up and starts hammering at her with glowing blasts of energy and his armored fists! It's all part of his grudge against Superman, he explains helpfully.


    Kara gets in a few licks, using moves Alex must have taught her, but she really gains the upper hand when she uses a car door first as a shield, then as a weapon. His armaments disabled, her attacker zooms up into the sky and escapes. I guess Alex hasn't yet gotten to the lessons about pressing one's advantage.

  • That'll Do

    Stand Down And Away

    Back at the DEO, Henshaw complacently explains that Reactron, as he's known (tm James Olsen), is a human who's using human technology, which makes him not really the DEO's jam. Superman has apparently fought Reactron to a draw a few times back in Metropolis, so Henshaw suggests calling him to handle it. Henshaw's alien power, if he has one, must be the ability to push Kara's buttons.

  • Place Of Interest

    A Workspace To Die For

    Winn has found an unwanted office in the CATCO building to take over and use as a secret command center for Supergirl-related operations. The reason it's abandoned is because a previous employee in the actuaries department keeled over from a heart attack in there. Fortunately for the team, he's no longer around to tell anyone the astronomical odds of that happening again in the same room.

  • That Happened

    No Longer In The Dark About Clark

    James takes Kara aside and reiterates Henshaw's advice about calling in Superman, because she might be out of her depth. "He nearly killed Clark one time," James warns. Kara protests that calling for help will defeat the whole purpose of Supergirl (which by the way is pretty much the opposite of what she said last week), and insists on facing Reactron on her own. But the scene is really more about Winn's nerdgasm upon finding out that Clark Kent is Superman. Yes, that James Olsen can sure be trusted with a big secret, all right.

  • That Quote
    "From the looks of things, what you need is a mechanical genius. Compared to me, that guy's a dope."
    - Tech entrepreneur Maxwell Lord, offering to be kidnapped by Reactron in place of one of his scientists -
  • Meeting Time

    Reacting To Reactron

    Who called the meeting? Alex.

    What's it about? What she's learned about Reactron from studying the energy signature of his attacks on Kara.

    How'd it go? CBS-procedural-stylee. Alex has traced Reactron's fuel to a nuclear power plant where Superman prevented a terrorist meltdown that would have killed millions. In the process, workers Ben and Melissa Krull were killed -- except not Ben, whom Kara realizes is Reactron. James mentions Chernobyl, which gives Winn an idea on how to find Reactron now. It's a lot like Criminal Minds but with pseudoscientific technobabble.

  • Awkward

    PR Damage Control, One Conversation At A Time

    Situation: Kara has just finished proofreading Grant's article about Supergirl.

    What makes it awkward? The article's pretty nasty, and Kara is once again in the position of defending herself in the third person against Grant's written putdowns -- including Grant's prediction that Supergirl will call her cousin every time things get rough. Her point is that Supergirl is as much of a hero as Superman is. It probably wouldn't help matters if Kara were to make the totally accurate point that Grant's reflexive millennial-bashing is both lazy and played out.

    How is order restored? James shows up, supposedly with an update on the party, but really to inform Kara that Winn found Reactron by tracking a kind of black mold that grew after Chernobyl. Who knew Winn's skills included mycology?

  • Dialogue

    Plans A And B

    James remains concerned that Reactron may be more than Kara can handle.

    Krull is not some crazed alien. He is a human being who's been hurt enough. That's something my cousin never knew, and that's why I'm going to go talk to him the way I would want someone to talk to me.
    And if he doesn't want to talk?
    Then I'll punch him real hard until he falls down.
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Supergirl vs. Reactron

    Kara arrives at the junkyard, frees Maxwell Lord, and tries to talk Reactron down. But he's not in a chatty mood, and Lord's repairs to his suit allow him to put a major hurt on Kara. She ends up on the ground being Palpatined, until Superman himself swoops in, like…well, like freaking Superman. Reactron isn't up for taking on both Els, so he's out.

    Winner: What's always the answer to the question, "Who would win in a fight?" Superman, without so much as showing his face.

  • Hell No!

    Thunder: Stolen

    Kara regains consciousness in her apartment, with Alex and James present, and -- oh, snap -- Maxwell Lord on the tube crediting his rescue to Superman. James confesses that he was the one who made the call, using the magic Kryptonian watch that Superman gave him lo these many years ago. Kara's pissed enough to send James away, but before he leaves he tells Kara, "I'm sorry that you're mad at me, but I'm not sorry that you're still alive." Hey, James, can Kara use that line on Alex two weeks ago?

  • Party!

    We'll See What Gets Launched

    What's the occasion? The publication of the Supergirl issue of the magazine, the lead story of which was just written in the last two days.

    What are the refreshments? Given that the event's organizer has been unconscious for the past several hours, I doubt it's anything fancy.

    Whose big public scene will everyone be talking about tomorrow? Trust me, we'll get to that.

  • Playing Games

    Just Kiss Already

    What's the game? Whose Is Bigger?

    Who's playing? Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant, who spar cagily about what the other is up to.

    What's at stake? There seems to be little love lost between these two, so as far as I can tell they're just trying to score points off each other.

    Who wins? Grant, whose power move of leaving her own party early is somewhat undermined by the fact that she brags about doing it. Bonus points for a veiled crack about Lord's dick size, though.

  • Wrap It Up

    James confesses to Kara that he presses the button on his watch when he's scared -- and he was scared of losing Kara. He explains that his reliance on the button was part of the reason he left Metropolis. Can't help noticing that he still wears it, though.


    Suddenly Reactron crashes the party, looking for Supergirl. Kara makes a quick-change, saves Maxwell Lord for the second time today, and squares off against her opponent.


    One of Reactron's blasts ricochets off her cape, sending a huge support pillar toppling toward Winn! Kara catches it, so now they're even after he covered for her with Grant earlier.


    James distracts Reactron by introducing himself as Superman's best friend and leading him on a chase out of the building. With perfect timing, this is the moment Kara gets a call on her invisible earpiece from Alex and Henshaw, whom Alex has convinced to help fight Reactron. The skinny is that Kara will need to remove the core from Reactron's chest unit, but if it's not encased in lead when she does so, it'll melt down.


    Good thing Kara has heat-ray vision and a handy lead bust nearby.


    Thus armed with a makeshift lead gauntlet, Kara is ready to face Reactron once more, and unplug his power source. And without nuking National City. Bonus!


    After a debrief at the DEO, at which Henshaw crustily promises to help Supergirl with non-aliens in the future, Alex suggests that Kara celebrate with the guy who almost got himself killed helping her out. Kara seems open to that.


    At least until the next morning, when she finds James chatting with one Lucy Lane. That would be Lois's little sister and, not coincidentally, James's ex. There's some awkward lingering, and after she leaves the room, Kara super-overhears James and Lucy making plans for dinner. So it doesn't take Kryptonite to kill a buzz. Worse, Lucy is apparently another person who is allowed to address him as Jimmy.


    Kara's pretty bummed when she returns to her desk, but her day brightens a bit when she finds herself in an IM conversation with some guy named Clark. It's almost as if they know each other somehow.


    That evening, there is sisterly bonding over Chinese takeout ("If that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, I will melt your face," Kara says), and Alex tells Kara that Grant actually respects Supergirl. Kara says that while she may not need Superman to be a hero, she will always need Alex. Otherwise she would need to get her own potstickers.


    Hearing sirens, Kara goes flying out the window. And unlike most people who pull that move, she does it on purpose.

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