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Does Supergirl Have A Future Sister-In-Law?

Maybe it’s finally Alex's turn to 'enjoy' a romantic subplot (i.e., mooning over someone unavailable)?

I wouldn't say that Supergirl is telegraphing some romantic potential between Kara's Earth-sister Alex and one of this season's numerous new characters, Maggie Sawyer. Telegraphing doesn't cover it. Neither does telephoning, for that matter. Nor does Slack, Skype, or FaceTime. A fully immersive Cisco TelePresence suite would probably be the most appropriate metaphor.

And honestly, why not? For one thing, subtlety is not exactly Supergirl's stock in trade, from its semaphore-worthy thematic explorations to Melissa Benoist's charming but playing-to-the-exits performances. And as for viewers who might balk at watching a show with their kids that even hints at a same-sex relationship, well, who decided that kind of subject matter was PG-13 in the first place?

But for the purposes of due diligence, let's go over what we've seen of Alex and Maggie so far, starting last week. First, they meet under antagonistic circumstances, as all fictional, fated-to-be couples do. Later, Maggie extends Alex an olive branch in the form of an invitation to an alien speakeasy, a remarkable gesture of trust this early in their relationship. There, an ex of Maggie's mistakes Alex for Maggie's new date, which doesn't exactly embarrass either of them (indeed, Maggie is entirely open about her sexuality, and Alex could certainly do worse). In the second half of the episode, Alex is searching for an abducted Maggie with a desperation almost unbecoming a recent acquaintance. And after Maggie has been safely secured (with an assist from Maggie herself, it must be said), Alex offers to let her stay and recover at the DEO for as long as she wants. It's a subtle attempt to get to spend more time with Maggie, but only by Supergirl's standards of subtlety. Alex hides her disappointment when Maggie blows her off in favor of a date -- for exactly as long as it takes for Maggie to walk out of the shot.

But this week, Alex is surely given new cause for optimism when Maggie calls her up to meet in an alley with instructions to "wear something nice," they both don masks, and Maggie takes her hand to lead her inside to what Alex must briefly hope is some kind of Eyes Wide Shut situation. But no, it's an alien-related crime in progress. To Alex, that must be so much better than an orgy.

Any real romantic pairing between the two is still clearly in the future, but at this stage it appears to be the most seaworthy 'ship on the show. Kara/James is in the ground, where it belongs; any kind of Joey/Pacey development with her and Winn seems unlikely at best; and the prospect of her dating Mon-El has all the promise one would hope for with a guy whose very name sounds like Kryptonian* for "BORING!" And it's not like J'onn has any Martian-Bonding on his calendar either, telepathic or otherwise.

But even a romance that is destined to be needs obstacles to overcome, and in Alex's case it appears to be Maggie's current, all-but-faceless girlfriend. We know almost nothing about her, other than she's willing to meet Maggie at a major police bust instead of a more appropriate location -- for example, literally any other time or place. Sure, the comics version of Maggie Sawyer was engaged to Katherine Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman, but I think the Lucy Lane thing last season more than covered the idea of DC Universe characters getting in the way of the Danverses' romantic goals. We don't need to revisit that ground.

So we can probably take it as a given that Maggie will soon be single again -- if only briefly. And after that certain-to-be-short interval, she and Alex will make a great couple. They have plenty of shared interests, including aliens, crime, fighting, and alien crime-fighting. Alex certainly deserves better than what she got last year in the form of Maxwell Lord's clammy flirtations, and unlike with him, she won't have to bring her gun to dates with Maggie. She'll want to, but she won't have to. And her increasingly awkward crush-moments with Maggie show that she has much to learn from a considerably more confident and experienced woman-dating woman.

Perhaps it's time to accept that for all her powers, TV's Supergirl may simply be fated to be as unlucky in love as her comic-book counterpart -- if for no other reason than to keep us from thinking too much on what Kryptonian Kegels could do to a terrestrial human's junk. But Alex Danvers and her prospective partner have no such biological constraints, that we know of. There's no reason not to root for Alex attaining a happily-ever-after of her own. Or a happily-until-sweeps, at the very least.

And I'll be honest: part of me just wants to see Alex and Maggie enjoy a recreational throwdown in hers-'n'-hers superpowered exo-suits, because how cool would that be?

* I know he's not Kryptonian. Don't care.

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