Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S01: Just What The Hell IS Odo, Anyway?

And other important highlights from our more descriptive Season 1 episode blurbs.

  • Grieving Single Dad Accepts A Command Post In The Middle Of Nowhere, Except Surprise, There's A Wormhole Here, So Now It's The Most Happening Spot In The Galaxy, And Also, He's Suddenly Become A Religious Icon For The Locals
  • Everyone's Known About The Wormhole For All Of Ten Seconds, And Already Terrorists Want To Blow It Up
  • Let's All Get To Know The Character The Writers Invented Solely Because They Wanted An Excuse To Have The Liquid-Metal-Morphing Special Effects From Terminator 2 -- I Know, We'll Frame Him For Murder
  • A Crazy Space Disease Gives Everyone Except Quark And Odo Aphasia, So Instead Of, Like, "Open The Pod Bay Doors," They'll Say Stuff Like "Acorn Violence To The Snail Fritter"
  • O'Brien Makes Friends With An Alien Whose Life's Purpose Is To Serve As The Most Dangerous Game
  • Just So Everyone Knows This Is A Star Trek Show, Let's Bring In Q and Vash
  • Some Trills Think Dax's Previous Host Might Be A Murderer (But Really He Was Just A Total Man-Whore) (To Recap, Fully 25% Of All Of The Episodes So Far Have Involved A Character On Trial For Murder)
  • Every Star Trek Series Has An Episode Or Three Where One Of The Main Characters Gets Possessed; This One Is DS9's, And The Unlucky Bastard Is Bashir
  • A Race Of Compulsive Gamblers Drops By And Sucks The Senior Staff Into A Ridiculous Game Where They Are Almost Defeated By A Child Singing The Most Annoying Song Ever
  • Wallace Shawn, As Head Of The Ferengi, Fakes His Own Death To Test The Loyalty Of His Underlings (A Plan Some May Label Inconceivable)
  • Just What The Hell IS Odo, Anyway? Some Rando From The Gamma Quadrant Claims He Knows
  • In This Slightly More Sophisticated Retelling Of Dr. Seuss's The Butter Battle Book, Kai Opaka Crash-Lands On A War-Torn Planet Where Nobody Can Die (But One Side Is Totally Winning Because Jonathan Banks Is In Charge Of It)
  • O'Brien Gets Shanghaied Into Serving As Human Monster Repellent For A Bajoran Village And Must Find Some Other Sucker To Do It For Him Before He's Stuck There Forever
  • In Another Old Favorite Star Trek Trope, There's A Guy Living Someplace He Isn't Supposed To And It's Up To The Crew (Specifically, Kira This Time) To Convince Him To Live Somewhere Else
  • Everyone's Secret Fantasies Manifest On The Bridge, And Some Of Them (Ahem, Bashir) Are Really Creepy
  • Having Run Out Of People To Annoy On The Enterprise, Lwaxana Troi Drops By DS9 And Ends Up Forming A Weirdly Touching Bond With Odo That May Or May Not Be Quasi-Sexual (Since We Still Don't Know What The Hell Odo Is, It's Hard To Tell)
  • A Dead Klingon Sparks Some Kind Of Weird Disease That Causes Everyone To Either Incite Mutiny, Hit On Each Other, Or Sit Quietly Building Clocks
  • Kira Meets A Cardassian From A Camp Where Cardassians Did Terrible Things, Except This One Might Not Be THAT Bad...Oh, Wait, Yes He Is...Oh Wait, No He's Not...It's Complicated, Okay?
  • Religious Fanatics, Including Nurse Ratched, Invade The Station, Leading To Consequences Ranging From Complex Allegories About Creationism In Public Schools To Redshirts Getting Offed


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