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Hannibal Creator Bryan Fuller Will Be The Showrunner On CBS's New Star Trek Series

'Mads Mikkelsen for captain' write-in campaign starts now.

The news that CBS is trying again to bring a Star Trek series to TV next year was not surprising when it was announced late last year. Today's news about the project is a little more surprising: it's hired a showrunner, and that showrunner is...Bryan Fuller.

Sure, as the above-linked story notes, Fuller has Trek roots: his earliest TV writing credits are on Deep Space Nine and Voyager. But to say that he's gone in somewhat different directions since then is an understatement: Pushing Daisies, the ill-fated Munsters remake Mockingbird Lane, and a little joint (from a braised human leg) called Hannibal are not just the genre-defying work of a diversely weird mind but really far from the often-sterile world of Star Trek.

That said, Fuller's helming of the project opens up kind of thrilling casting possibilities. If even ONE Fuller alumnus -- from a pool that includes Chi McBride, Eddie Izzard, Gillian Anderson, and Mads Mikkelsen -- feels like trying on a Starfleet uniform for size, the resulting show is instantly 75% stranger and more unmissable. WE WILL BE WATCHING THIS STORY.


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