Our Spoiler Policy

We have a simple spoiler policy here at Previously.TV. We're going to talk about what happened on an episode of a show after it is aired. We're going to talk about little details and big plot points. So if there's a story on something that's aired here in North America you can assume it is chock full o' spoilers.

That said, we will not spoil anything big (e.g. who died, who did it, surprise twists) on the homepage — either in images or in the hed and dek copy, nor in story headlines. If a story doesn't fit into the has-aired bucket and has big spoilerish content, we will warn you up top (above the lead image in the post). Beyond that, you'll have to exercise your best judgment.

Here is an example of the spoiler warning you may see on a story page:

Spoiler Warning!

This article contains information that could be considered too revealing according to our spoiler policy. Proceed with caution. You can't unsee it!

Reason Nashville pilot available online before on-air premiere

Here is an example of a homepage image after de-spoilerization: