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Pop And Lock Into Labor Day With The Electric Boogaloos On Soul Train

The funkiest in modern robotics, via the Bar-Kays and Don Cornelius.

What the hell?

The Electric Boogaloos visited Soul Train to show off their poppin', lockin', and robotin' styles. Don Cornelius seems nonplussed during the intro ("I specialize in creepin'." "Mmm. Okay.") but it's hard to argue with the magic once Don cues the Bar-Kays.

How'd you find this...whatever this is?

The Bandstand blooper supercut I did find, with respect to the late Dick Clark, was not nearly the hot break this is.

Who cares?

I never watched Soul Train as a kid, because it came on at the end of the cartoon block on Saturday mornings, which was my mother's signal to put me out on the back stoop like a cat to "enjoy the day" (read: go to Agent Weiss's house to ride bikes and quit bugging her). So a silver-lamé-haltered fivesome floating along the dance floor in formation is all new to me. And it is the shit. The move at around 3:05 is everything.


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