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Mourning Smash

It's one thing to know, intellectually, that ratings bed-shitter Smash probably wouldn't get renewed for a third season. It's another to be going through your various feeds, still reeling from the news that Happy Endings had been cancelled, and get gut-punched with the fulfillment of the fears you didn't want to give voice to: Smash had been killed too.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross defined five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. But for a loss as great as Smash will be, five stages are definitely not sufficient. We still have a couple more episodes before Smash's finale, but it's good to be prepared: here's what we think you'll be going through come May 26, when-- wait a minute. NBC scheduled the Smash finale opposite the premiere of Behind The Candelabra AND the entire fourth season of Arrested Development?! Jesus.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4

Visiting A Bird Sanctuary For The Purpose Of Verbally Abusing A Peacock

Stage 5


Stage 6

Hiding From Cops

Stage 7


Stage 8


Stage 9


Stage 10


Stage 11


Stage 12

Passing Out From Exhaustion

Stage 13

Resentment Of Anyone Who Watches Community

Stage 14

Resentment Of Everyone Who Makes Community

Stage 15

Resentment Of Communities

Stage 16


Stage 17

Bargaining Over What's Left Of The Ice Cream You Have In The House

Stage 18

Urge To Kill...Rising

Stage 19

Minor Arson

Stage 20

Major Arson

Stage 21

More Rioting

Stage 22

Light To Moderate Looting

Stage 23

Spending The Night In Jail

Stage 24

Holding It (Pee-Wise)

Stage 25

Getting Bailed Out Of Jail

Stage 26


Stage 27


Stage 28


Stage 29


Stage 30

Throwing A Bombshell Sing-Along Party

Stage 31

Being The Only Attendee At Your Bombshell Sing-Along Party

Stage 32


Stage 33

Sloppy Rioting

Stage 34

Drunk-Dialing Party Invitees Who Didn't Come

Stage 35

Making Half-Assed Apologies

Stage 36

Letting Three To Twelve Years Pass

Stage 37

Acceptance (Grudging)

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