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Pop: The Question

A few casting suggestions for the role of Abbie and Jenny's dad on Sleepy Hollow.

I dug "The Sisters Mills" a lot. Okay, the Betsy Ross crap at the end is suboptimal, but it led to that great post-laughing-gas bit with Crane and Abbie, and Crane crooning at his own emoji, "I'm adorable," which made me laugh for ten minutes. Pandora's minion of the week is a revolting Gollum/spider/American Horror Story thing that only kids can see, and Sleepy Hollow knows how to write kids to come off realistically -- not gratingly saccharine, not snarky dicks or wise beyond their years (or the flip side of that last one, when TV writers mistake "under age 10" for "intellectually delayed"). Jenny's talk with Saffron at Abbie's bedside made it a little dusty in my office, because Sleepy Hollow also knows how adults -- the ones kids trust, anyway -- speak to kids. (Including when adults do so poorly, op. cit. Crane's "presentation.")

The show's even better at the moments among the families we create for ourselves as adults, of course; that's what makes the Crane/Abbie friendship (and the Crane/Jenny one) so compelling. But families of origin matter on Sleepy Hollow, and the Millses sort of agreeing to let sleeping dads lie is probably for the best, but destined not to last on an episodic television show. The dad in the first act of the season better pop (GEDDIT?!) in the third...especially if it means we see less of Betsy Ross.

So, I made a little wish list. Sensible? Realistic? Not usually. Too Wire-dependent? Most definitely. Let's have fun with it. Possible Mills papas, in likelihood order:

  1. Keith David
    History of playing authority figures could work against him in a character brief that includes ditching two small children...but his booming laugh and ability to play broad humor would pair well with Tom Mison's portrayal of Crane.
  2. Joe Morton
    May want to rehabilitate his fictional-character image after playing Rowan on Scandal.
  3. NBC


  4. Wendell Pierce
    Tends to play smart but self-absorbed and raffish guys; Mr. Mills falls within those parameters, theoretically. He'd make the face above a lot, which works for me.
  5. Clancy Brown
    I mean...maybe he took such an interest in the Millses as girls -- and maybe the guy they thought of as their dad split -- because Corbin the father figure is actually their father.
  6. Michael Buckner / WireImage

    Michael Buckner / WireImage

  7. Steve Harris
    If it's not the best "I will FUCKING END YOU" glare in the business, it's in the top three, and would come in super-handy on this show. (No particular objection to Morris Chestnut, obvs, but though they're both a bit too young for the role, Harris presents as older for whatever reason, IMO.)
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  9. Dennis Haysbert
    Authoritative but not scary, Haysbert might project too much basic decency to work as a deadbeat dad...but if the backstory is that Mills pere HAD to leave the family to save them from some grisly supernatural end, Haysbert could sell it.

    Also fine with casting Dave Annable as, like, John Witherspoon or something.

  10. Idris Elba
    They'd have to age him up a bit, but he'd do especially well in any flashbacks to colonial times thanks to his "real" accent.
  11. Morgan Freeman
    Probably would have to play their grandpa; should totally be written as The Voice Of God again.
  12. FOX


  13. Andre Braugher
    ...As Captain Holt, in a cross-over with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I mean, if they're making us sit through this Bones-ense next week, why not one that makes sense? Brooklyn and Sleepy Hollow are an hour's drive away from each other; maybe Holt left the family because he couldn't deal with his sexuality? Ami...rite?

    No? You sure? Because: Braugher. ...Still no? Okay.

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