Photos: HBO

HBO Renews Silicon Valley And Veep

More business plans, more Beltway deals.

This just in via press release: HBO is renewing both its current Sunday-night sitcoms, Silicon Valley and Veep. In the case of the latter (which is currently in its third season and has been renewed for a fourth), it's news that's as great for the viewer as it is almost certainly terrible for Selina's presidential campaign: when your show is called Veep, it probably doesn't mean your titular lead is going to get a promotion anytime soon.

In the case of the former (currently in its first season, renewed for a second) know, I'm okay with it! After the somewhat meh pilot, the second episode really won me over thanks to the bravura work of one Zach Woods. And it’s great news for Mike Judge, who can probably buy himself that island he’s had his eye on now.