On Zoo, An Ant Can Get Inside Someone's Spine Now?

Also, what is it about tire-punching that's so darn sexy? And other not-quite-burning questions. 2016.07.06S02.E03

Did Zoo Just Pick Up Right Where It Left Off Last Summer?

Could the show be improved if one of the Croo became a homicidal mutant? And other pressing questions about the Season 2 premiere. 2016.06.29S02.E01

We're Not LION: CBS Renews Zoo For A Second Season

That headline brought to you by a seven-year-old who just learned what jokes are/Dave. 2015.10.02

Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo!

The Zoo Croo survived their plane crash, but what exactly did they accomplish after that? Anything? And other questions. 2015.09.16S01.E13

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Zoo!

Can the Zoo Croo go to a place to find a thing, then make a thing and save the world? Let's call it a strong maybe! 2015.09.09S01.E11

Party Fish And Cartoon Cats In TV's Animal Kingdom

Lunch And A Show knows who let the dogs out (fsociety), but who's the best television feline? 2015.09.03

'Get In The Truck And Let's Go To Africa'

The Zoo Croo raises more questions this week. Some of them might even have answers. 2015.09.02S01.E10

Angry Birds

The Zoo Croo isn't playing games with the animals this week. Or are they? 2015.08.26S01.E09

'So We're Going On A Rat Hunt?'

And other important questions the Zoo Croo raised, but didn't really answer, this week. 2015.08.19S01.E08

The Zoo Croo Faces Down Very Tired Bears

The Croo's latest battle is...bearly legal. 2015.08.11S01.E07

Bear With Me

Our new Zoo correspondent has a few questions for the Croo. 2015.08.05

Zoo Steps Up To Bats In Rio

Defiant bats make favelas even less habitable in the latest episode; Dave and Tara discuss! 2015.07.29S01.E05

EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

Kim Reed returns to discuss Nev, Max, Ma, Pa, and the Dillon Panthers. 2015.07.28

The Zoo Croo Assembles, But Who's Most Expendable?

, Dave and Tara have your rankings for the episode! 2015.07.22S01.E04

EHG 78: Scream-ing Meanies

Eve Batey is back to talk about MTV's new horror-franchise reboot and play a spine-tingling Game Time! 2015.07.15

Zoo Flies In The Face Of Logic Like Bats Into Airplane Engines

Tara and Dave raise some pertinent questions about animal self-interest and human priorities. 2015.07.15S01.E03

How Many More Homicides-By-Animal Does Zoo Need To Be Truly Great?

Also: how many different animals need to get into the mix? Dave and Tara discuss. 2015.07.08S01.E02

Should You Let Zoo Hold You Captive This Summer?

CBS's new sci-fi summer 'event series' revolves around animals attacking humans. Will you wish you could join them? 2015.06.30S01.E01


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