You’re The Worst

Snack Time!

Debra Messing's Instagram cucumbers inspire TV characters' snacky posts. 2017.11.14

Composing: The Music Will Save It

We go note by note with You’re The Worst’s Adam Blau. 2017.04.26

EHG Mini: Welcome To F**king Pastrami!

The best sandwich to enjoy while binge-watching Deadwood. 2016.12.07

The Skytanic Bomb Disarmament vs. Jimmy Shive-Overly's Fake Mustache

It's a helium-filled Danger Zone vs. the worst fake accessory in Los Angeles! 2016.10.25

You're The Worst Lets Lindsay's Story Get Even Darker

Or: when chopping vegetables goes badly wrong. 2016.08.31S03.E01

FXX Picks Up A Third Season Of You're The Worst

This news is the best. (Sorry. But it is!) 2015.12.02

Lunch And A (Horror) Show

It's all treats on Mischief Day with haunted house, terrifying fashion, and a scary-movies poll! 2015.10.30

EHG 92: Supergirl Takes Her First Flight

Jeff Alexander joins us to talk about TV's latest DC Comics import. 2015.10.27

You're the Worst's Aya Cash Is A Badass; Is Not Gretchen

And if you're pissed about the show moving to FXX, she can explain it all for you. 2015.10.14

You're The Worst Shows How To Lose A Friend In A Few Hundred Movie Titles

Shitstain should be euphoric about the progress of his relationship with Jacqueline. But Sam's ruined his life. 2015.09.30

EHG 87: Giving Project Greenlight The, Well, Green Light

Chris Moore superfan Kim Reed consents to join us for the Mann-splaining return of HBO's filmmaking reality show -- and Tara is finally free of the Dome! 2015.09.15

Last Comic Standing Says Goodbye; The League And You're The Worst Say Hello

Comedies are taking a bow in Lunch And A Show! 2015.09.10

Sam Gives Gretchen A Wake-Up Call In You're The Worst's Season 2 Premiere

It's a scene so quotable, 'That Quote' is actually two quotes! 2015.09.09S02.E01

TCA 2015/6: FX Is All About Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel, Making America Fall In Love With You're The Worst, And...Vampires

Denis O'Hare's dressing up as Elizabeth Taylor on an FX show this fall. Guess which! ...No, not The League. 2015.08.08

Watch A New Teaser For Season 2 Of You're The Worst

These two crazy kids: still crazy. 2015.07.15

Ask A Bearded BFF

Edgar Quintero is here to help out his many, many shaggy sitcom contemporaries. 2014.10.14


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