Wonder Woman

Daredevil Toys, Shirts With Punch, And Agents Of DRINKS: Gifts For Superhero-Show Fans

Plus, underpants, SPOOOOOOON!, and the worst board game in TV history. 2015.12.09

Lunch And A Show: Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Marathon

Having a criminally good time with lunchtime reading. 2015.07.22

Wonder Woman Suits Up For One Last Adventure

The Wonder Woman Marathon Diary reaches the finish line, and then tries a last-minute show reboot. It doesn't take. 2015.07.22

Lunch And A Show, West Coast Edish: Dean Winters Time Machine

Rankings, marathons, flashbacks, and birthdays. HUNH! 2015.07.20

Imaginary Aliens

Wonder Woman faces off against both fake UFOs and fake aliens, and that's not even counting the science fiction convention. And then there's the silly string. 2015.07.15

Wonder Woman...To The Extreme!

The Wonder Woman Marathon Diary has it all. Skateboarding! Leprechauns! Brains in jars! Mimes! It's a fascinating mess! 2015.07.08

Valley Of The Guest Stars

There are so many guest stars, they almost outnumber the ridiculous schemes. Almost. 2015.07.01

'70s Fashion Was Scary

Wonder Woman has to deal with fake mustaches, robot dogs, and the biggest lapels on television. 2015.06.24

Wonder Woman Saves The World

Wonder Woman faces aliens, bank robbers, evil toymakers, and athlete kidnappers. It's kind of all over the place. 2015.06.17

Wonder Woman vs. Technology

Welcome to the 1970s, Wonder Woman! It's full of dueling robots and flute-playing rock stars! 2015.06.10

Brilliant Nazi Disguises

Wonder Woman has to deal with Nazis and their ability to perfectly blend in with the populace. 2015.06.03

Gorilla-Suit Follies

The road through Season 1 of Wonder Woman goes right through a trained gorilla. Of course. 2015.05.27

You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman

Who says comic-book television shows are over for the summer? Monty's got three seasons of Lynda Carter to keep him company. 2015.05.21


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