Witches Of East End

The Fosters Gets Caught In A Bad Romance, Joins A Not-That-Proud TV Tradition

Let's talk about couples who should have just stayed friends in Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.11

Lunch And A Show, West Coast Edish: Dean Winters Time Machine

Rankings, marathons, flashbacks, and birthdays. HUNH! 2015.07.20

Wishes For Witches

As the Witches Of East End season draws to an eventful close, Adam is cautiously hopeful for next summer. 2014.10.06S02.E13


Witches of East End has too many episodes, so to kill time we get some nonsense about Edgar Allan Poe. 2014.09.29S02.E11

No More Curses You Can't Undo

It's another pretty good week in East End. Well, for the viewers. For the characters, it mostly sucks. 2014.09.22S02.E10

Beauchamps vs. Tarkoff: Fight!

As Witches Of East End builds toward its season finale, it actually lives up to network hype (while still being largely ridiculous). 2014.09.15S02.E09

Get Down Tonight

A magical amount of plot development makes for the best Witches Of East End of the season so far. 2014.09.07S02.E08

It's What's Inside That Counts

We learn more about what's going on inside Frederick and Eva's skins, but do the characters learn anything? Of course not! 2014.08.25S02.E07

Oh Mandragora, Well You Came And You Gave Without Taking

Should you send this week's episode of Witches of East End away? 2014.08.18S02.E06

Stand By Your Mandragora

Someone's ex-girlfriend joins the fight against the peen-tacle monster. Also, there is disco, and Dash is a moron some more. 2014.08.11S02.E05

Twin-cest For The Win-cest

Adam isn't sure where this season is going but he knows that a whole lot of siblings make out or almost make out this week. Plus, tentacles! 2014.07.27S02.E04

Bad Things Happen When You Let Your As-Guard Down In East End

More like the Wigs of East End! Adam analyzes an ep full of flashbacks and magic rage lightning. 2014.07.21S02.E03

The Witches Of East End Learn A Bunch Of New Things That The Audience Already Knew

It's slow progress, but we'll take it! That, and the shirtlessness. 2014.07.14S02.E02

The Witches Of East End Don't Remember The Events Of The Season Finale. Do You?

Boring new characters and too many shirts mar an otherwise typical season opener. 2014.07.06S02.E01

EHG 33: Summer TV Weather Report

Joe Reid returns to talk about the shows we'll be enjoying in some A/C this summer. 2014.06.10

Turn Witches Of East End Into Practical Magic: The Series, For Real

It's already halfway there. A bigger budget and some creative casting and it's on. 2013.11.22

When Did Witches Of East End Cast A Spell On Us?

This author didn't really care for "witch TV." Then Rachel Boston made a wedgie joke. 2013.10.07S01.E01


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