Will & Grace

EHG Mini: The Seven Deadly Sins

Assigning vices to TV characters. 2016.11.16

Watch A Supercut Of 50 TV Trick Or Treats!

Get your pillowcase ready: we're about to fill it with a whole bunch of TV's candy beggars! 2016.10.25

Watch Will & Grace (And Karen & Jack) Talk About The 2016 Presidential Election

Clinton is here to help protect gay rights -- but she also wears pants, so Jack isn't totally convinced. 2016.09.27

Limber Up Your Fingers: It's The All-TV-Shows 'Live Long And Prosper' Supercut!

Spock would be so proud, if pride were an emotion he were capable of feeling. 2016.07.26

And Now, George Takei: A Cameo Compilation

A tribute to an actor who's really mastered one very memorable role: himself! 2016.07.25

Will & Grace Faces Friends In The Battle Of The One-Off Lady Loves

It's Will & Grace's clumsy one-night stand Diane versus Rachel's sangria-soaked sorority sister Melissa on Friends! 2016.07.08

The Ultimate Will & Grace Ranking Of Grace Adler's Love Life

Grace dated some great guys and some total tools. It's high time we definitively, scientifically ranked them. 2016.07.05

EHG Mini: Dear Blank

TV characters turned advice columnists. 2016.03.30

EHG Mini: Sometimes They Go To Court

Patrick solicited our most legendarily bad, but still successful, Celebrity clues. 2016.01.14

EHG Mini: The Undeletable

What we'll never delete from our DVRs. 2015.08.14

Bill And Dave Don't Crack vs. Anastasia Beaverhausen

It's when quitting coffee and cigarettes lead to not snapping vs. Karen Walker's go-to alias! 2015.07.24

"Norm!" vs. Jack McFarland's Coffee Bender

It's the greeting for Cheers' most consistent patron vs. the motormouthed end product of infatuation with a barista! 2015.07.17

EHG Mini: Variety Show And Tell

Fantasy casting imaginary variety shows. 2015.06.10

Battle Of The Blinkered Moms

Two gay guys, two big talks with their mothers. Did Will & Grace or Vicious do it better? 2014.08.03S01.E06

EHG Mini: The River Runs Dry

The shows most egregiously missing from streaming services. 2014.06.18

EHG Mini: The Help

...Is it Benson? 2014.06.12

Karen Is A Sensation At Her First West Village Hallowe'en Parade Because Duh

And other new episode blurbs for the first season of Will & Grace. 2014.02.21

Barneys Windows, Blue Marilyns, And Caroling To Hotel Maids: Let's Rank The Will & Grace Christmas Episodes!

And let's pour some out for The Bashful Geisha: that Lladró never saw Grace coming. 2013.12.18

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