Wife Swap

More Like No-ey: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2004 Fall TV Preview

Was Joey one of the worst things about the 2004 Entertainment Weekly fall issue? Oh, most certainly. But it had a lot of company. 2016.09.07

'Thank The Gods I'm Not His Wife'

A Pagan and an old-fashioned stage mother swap households which is crazy because they're totally opposite! 2013.04.26S06.E06

'This Is Chubby-Chubby No-No!'

Skinny Mom is definitely not here to make friends. 2013.04.19S06.E05

The Nice Thing About Proverbs Are, There Are 31 Of Them

And ABC shall smite whosoever quitteth Wife Swap. Um, probably. 2013.03.29S08.E02