A Very Previously.TV Holiday Gift Guide: Books 'Written' By Fictional TV Characters!

Though you'd think fictional characters would have better things to do than write real-world books, Monty Ashley tells you which ones are good. 2016.12.07

Half A Clue

Our diagnosis: murder show Whodunnit? needs less smoke and fewer mirrors. 2013.08.19S01.E09

Whofarted II: The Stench Of Death

The killer's poisonous-gas attacks continue. Whose stinkface is just a mask? 2013.07.22S01.E05

Meet The Mountain Lion That Didn't Eat Don On Whodunnit?

His name is Kilimanjaro, and he's pitching a hissy about the show's flagrant inconsistencies. 2013.07.15S01.E04


Whodunnit?'s real killer is silent but deadly. 2013.07.01S01.E02

Just How Fake Is Whodunnit?

Murderously so! …I'll let myself out. (Not before you DVR it, though. It's fun, seriously.) 2013.06.24S01.E01


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