White Collar

EHG Mini: Beach House Vacation

The TV characters we'd match up in a summer share. 2016.05.26

Worse Than Death

Sarah and John learn Neal's fate, marvel at how dumb a once-smart show got as White Collar pulls its last job. 2014.12.19S06.E06

I Think You're A-Moz-Ing

The pun is what White Collar deserves; the sentiment is what Mozzie's earned. 2014.12.12S06.E05

'All These Schoolhouse Rock-Reject Explanations'

Three eps from the series finale, White Collar burns an hour on a Mozzie flashback. John and Sarah discuss. 2014.12.05S06.E04

'Don't Blame New York For This Horrible Script!'

White Collar's plot du jour involves a girl who just fell off the kohlrabi truck. John and Sarah wonder if anyone cares anymore. 2014.11.21S06.E03

'But That's Another Who Cares, So Who Cares?'

White Collar returns to form in the final season's sophomore ep; that isn't a good thing. John and Sarah discuss. 2014.11.13S06.E02

'I Would Bet On Encyclopedia Brown Over Peter'

Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos embark upon the final mini-season of White Collar with equal parts hope and trepidation. 2014.11.06S06.E01

Treat Williams Has Never Played Steve Garvey In A Post-Career Biopic About Garvey's Life

This is a major-league missed opportunity. Sarah is not a crackpot. 2014.09.16

And James Franco As D.B. Cooper

Dave challenged Sarah to expand her D.B. Cooper obsession beyond Mad Men. Sarah accepted. Everyone wins. 2014.04.24

EHG 25: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, And Trip

When Trip Payne returns to talk RuPaul's Drag Race and historic sitcoms, everyone's a winner. 2014.03.25

The Wrath Of Con

White Collar goes out on yet another "high"-stakes cliffhanger, and that's the problem. 2014.01.31S05.E13

All The Dial's A Stage

Sound Of Music Live, Psych -- the musical's having a moment. Eight more candidates for the song-and-dance treatment. 2013.12.06

White Collar Can Straighten Itself Out

And it's showing signs of doing just that. Here's how. 2013.11.01S05.E03

Why Wouldn't Neal's Schemes Fool A Newborn?

And other White Collar questions from our fed-up John Ramos. 2013.10.25S05.E02

Pros And Cons

Peter remembers that Neal's a criminal -- could doing the same restore White Collar to its past glory? 2013.10.18S05.E01


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