What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Will Marathon On Esquire Today

Since Ryan Lochte is back in the news for alarming reasons, Esquire decided to make the most of it. 2016.08.19

'The Charmless Offensive Continues'

"There are 51 uses of the word 'Jeah' from Ryan and others throughout this episode. Please cut 12." 2013.05.20S01.E05

'It Feels Like We're Settling In To The Groove Of The Series This Week...'

"...and I only wish I could cast that statement in a positive light." 2013.05.06S01.E03

Ryan Would...Go Back To The Drawing Board?

Please see attached. Our concerns are many and we look forward to discussing soon. 2013.04.22S01.E01


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