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Watch Michael Bublé Poorly Try To Defend His Kardashian-Related Sense Of Humor On Watch What Happens Live

Hey, Bublé. Here's a comedy tip! If you have to explain a joke, it's usually not very good. 2016.10.28

Watch David Crosby Randomly Air His Grievances About Kanye West On Watch What Happens Live

This is why 'Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, and West' will never be a thing. 2016.10.27

Watch The Guys From Below Deck Play A Game Of 'Battle Strip' On Watch What Happens Live

Kelley and Nico show some skin, and nobody seems to be complaining. 2016.10.26

Watch Dakota Fanning Play 'Door Of The Worlds' On Watch What Happens Live

Check out what her connection to Tom Cruise is like today. Yes, they still talk. 2016.10.20

Watch Wanda Sykes Talk About Amy Schumer's Political Moves On Watch What Happens Live

Looking like she's still in her 20's, Sykes chats a bit about her own political views. 2016.10.19

Watch Minnie Driver Get Very Real About Sexual Assault On Watch What Happens Live

Minnie talking about such an important topic is both brave and beautiful. 2016.10.13

Watch Molly Shannon Earn Herself A Crotch Blur On Watch What Happens Live

That's what happens when you try to mix Housewives with vintage sketch comedy. 2016.10.12

Watch Michael Che And Colin Jost Chat About The Debate On Watch What Happens Live

See what Michael Che truly thinks about those undecided voters. 2016.10.10

Watch Mindy Kaling Discuss Divas And Ridiculous Riders On Watch What Happens Live

Once those goofy Ramona Singer glasses go on, the truth is revealed. 2016.10.03

Watch Nick Jonas Talk About Demi Lovato And Jo-Bro Bulges On Watch What Happens Live

Will Nick actually admit who the most well-endowed Jonas Brother is? Will The Disney Channel cry if he does? 2016.09.30

Watch Lupita Nyong'o And David Oyelowo Perform Some Bravologues On Watch What Happens Live

Want to place bets as to whether or not Lupita and David actually watch these shows? 2016.09.29

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