War And Peace

War And Peace Put The 'Character-Driven' Back in 'Character-Driven Drama'

Characters are kind of the whole point on most of TV, but War And Peace does it better than most. 2016.02.08S01.E04

Ask War And Peace's Villainous, Rat Bastard Creep

You've got questions. Dolokhov -- conniving adulterer, dissembler, great-hair-haver -- has all the answers. 2016.02.01S01.E03

Paul Dano Shines In The Midst Of War And (Very Little) Peace

The star of the BBC/A&E remake of War And Peace is angsty, overburdened, and brilliant as always. 2016.01.25S01.E02

Should You Enlist In War And Peace?

Or is the BBC's most recent adaptation of Tolstoy's epic novel all borscht and no herring? 2016.01.18S01.E01