Is There Anything Vikings's Ivar Won't Pitch A Fit About?

And more questions sparked by 'The Great Army'! 2017.01.11S04.E17

Exactly Why Isn't Lagertha Just Killing Ivar Now On Vikings?

And other questions sparked by 'Crossings'! 2017.01.05S04.E16

Ragnar's Bolder Vikings Strategy Seems Really Painful And Depressing

Because there are a few days left of 2016, of course THIS had to happen. 2016.12.29S04.E15

Is Ragnar Asking For It, And By 'It' We Mean 'A Brutal Death,' On Vikings?

Also, will that stupid son with the bad hair stop harping about Harbard already? 2016.12.22S04.E14

Why Does Vikings's Rollo Want In On Bjorn's Seemingly Doomed Cruise?

Also, Aslaug's psychic, so why isn't that more useful? Liane Bonin Starr has questions about the latest episode of Vikings! 2016.12.14S05.E03

Ivar Is The Messed Up Warrior Vikings Needs Now

He's probably going to kill someone for no good reason, but did you see him on those crutches? 2016.12.07S04.E12

Ragnar Ain't Got Nobody And He's Feeling So Sad On Vikings

You thought THIS was a tough year? Yeah, yeah, talk to the King. 2016.11.30S04.E11

EHG 130: The Extra Hot Great Fall 2016 Preview

It's the pumpkin-spice latte of autumnal programming overviews! ...Unless you hate those. Eve Batey's back to look at the best, worst, and meh-est of new and returning shows. 2016.09.20

What Do Drug-Addicted Vikings Do On Vacation, Anyway?

So much time passed, and so many questions. 2016.04.22S04.E10

Sorry, Ragnar: Junkies Are As Unpleasant On Vikings As They Are Anywhere Else

Liane Bonin Starr is more than ready for Vikings to give Ragnar an intervention. 2016.04.14S04.E09

Vikings Teaches A Tough Lesson About Fidelity

While Ragnar and the rest of the Vikings are away attacking Paris again, the she-folk keep themselves busy. 2016.03.31S04.E07

On Vikings, Ragnar Still Has Feelings For Lagertha, But He Really Shouldn't Touch That

Lagertha may have a soft spot for her ex, but she doesn't mess around. 2016.03.24S04.E06

Vikings Teaches A Tough Lesson On Respectful Premarital Behavior

Lagertha shows us that Viking women know how to play a long game. 2016.03.18S04.E05

Vikings's Rollo Discovers That Girls Get Turned On When You Speak French

Did this show just become soft porn? If so, no one's complaining. 2016.03.10S04.E04

Ask Vikings's Big, Angry, Symbolic Brown Bear

Just because he/she is a nonverbal mammal doesn't mean he/she doesn't have insight to offer. 2016.03.03S04.E03

Vikings's Ragnar Just Keeps Floki Hangin' On

This is like when Ross and Rachel were 'on a break,' but with murder. 2016.02.25S04.E02

Ask Vikings's Super-Creepy Seer With No Apparent Eyeballs

Like you wouldn't run all your issues by a free psychic, too. 2016.02.18S04.E01

EHG Mini: Music To My Rabbit Ears

Networks that should get in on the musical trend. 2016.01.07

EHG Mini: The College Try

Andrew Juhl asked us to create new cable networks...and predict their ignominious futures. 2015.05.21

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