Lunch And A Show Comes Not To Bury Curtis, But To Praise Him

A Cliff Curtis supercut, plus finales, premieres, Alfred Bitchcock, and a casting quiz! 2015.09.28

Vicious Wraps In Bitch-ness And In Health

A gay wedding concludes Vicious's hilarious and touching second season. 2015.09.27S02.E06

Battle Of The Blinkered Moms

Two gay guys, two big talks with their mothers. Did Will & Grace or Vicious do it better? 2014.08.03S01.E06

Flicking Ash

Why Ash needs to up his game if he intends to keep up with the rest of the cast of Vicious. 2014.07.06S01.E02

'How Dare You?! I've Been To Oxford!' 'Yes -- For Lunch.'

A new sitcom starring Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen, Vicious was originally titled Vicious Old Queens. Get it? You get it. You better get it. 2014.06.29S01.E01

EHG 11: Say It Ain't So

A tearless farewell to a guy we'll also talk to on tomorrow's Mini. 2013.11.04

Meet Gary Janetti, The Man Who's Going To Make 'Vicious' The Best Show Ever

Ian McKellen will also help, but Janetti is the jam. 2012.11.07


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