An Inter-Series Affair To Remember

Pairing characters in relationships we don't care for with superior partners from other shows. 2018.01.08

Getting A Forking Forkful Of The Good Place

John Ramos returns to talk about Kristen Bell's current star vehicle! 2017.09.26

EHG Mini: Getting Our Phil

The characters Phil Hartman would be playing if he were still with us. 2017.08.03

EHG Mini: Special Guest Stars The Harlem Globetrotters

Plunking the hoops wizards into present-day sitcoms. 2017.06.02


Dancing With The Fictional Stars attempts to improve the original. 2017.04.10

Watch The Latest Trailer For Season 6 Of Veep

'Give the people what they want,' indeed. 2017.03.14

Kent Courts Sue vs. Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

It's the smartest decision anyone on Veep ever made vs. truly working your Halloween costume! 2016.12.14

Mikey's Pupazza vs. Kent Courts Sue

It's a Thanksgiving guest/possible person vs. the smartest decision anyone on Veep ever made! 2016.12.13

Snake Juice vs. Small talk with Selina Meyer

It's everybody being wasted vs. a complete failure to communicate! 2016.12.05

A Veep Awkward-Meeting Mashup

Walkin' the walk, talkin' the pork. 2016.11.04

EHG Mini: How Amusing

Packing entire casts off to Six Flags. 2016.09.05

EHG Mini: No Holds Crossover

Logic is no object for these dream crossover concepts. 2016.08.08

EHG Mini: Road Trip!

Moving shows to new locations. 2016.06.22

EHG Mini: Hamm It Up or HAMM!

Adapting TV series as Jon Hamm vehicles. 2016.06.17

EHG 119: Tackling O.J.: Made In America

Stephanie Green returns to discuss the premiere of 30 For 30's special miniseries event. 2016.06.14

HBO Renews Game Of Thrones, Silicon Valley, And Veep

So that's your spring 2017 sorted. 2016.04.21

Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen vs. 'Did the President Call?'

It's the night the lights went out in Georgia vs. a yearning for acknowledgement! 2016.04.21

Watch A Trailer For Season 5 Of Veep

And if you were worried there would be no talk of genitals: don't. 2016.03.21

EHG Mini: Radish Jackson Presents Arugula’s Best Dill Crudités

Replacing main characters with vegetables... 2016.02.18

Mandatory Offensive Language vs. The Jonad Files

It's a case for proofreading your memos vs. a congressional record of abuse! 2016.01.13

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