Vanderpump Rules: S04

Misty Vanderpump Rules Memories Of The Way We SUR

The final reunion episode of the season airs out the Stassi/Lisa blackmail payoff, Katie's lack of shame for being an awful girlfriend, and James reaching greater heights of grotesquerie than ever imagined. 2016.04.05S04.E23

Vanderpump Rules Wants You To Know That Tom Is At Peace. HE IS!

The first part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion features much effort made toward exonerating Scheana's enabling behavior and nailing Kristen for being...Kristen. 2016.03.22S04.E21

Engaged To Be Enraged On Vanderpump Rules

Katie and Tom's sweaty engagement party at Villa Rosa is the venue for Kristen and Lala's depressing feud over James to bubble over. 2016.03.15S04.E20

Vanderpump Rules Fires Up the Ol' Sexual Liberation Machine

Tom's band shoots its hilarious music video, while Jax experiences extreme buyer's remorse when it comes to his newly busty ladyfriend. 2016.03.08S04.E19

Vanderpump Rules Puts the Band Back Together

A sojourn to Palm Springs is the perfect setting for Stassi to make her final tearful plea for reconciliation with Katie, while back in West Hollywood, James and his mom have a boundary-disregarding lunch. 2016.03.01S04.E18

White Kanye Becomes Black Sheep On This Week's Vanderpump Rules

Lisa busts James down to busboy at Pump, before the entire club crumbles under the weight of his ego. In other news, Lala's discovered Ayn Rand, so let's everybody enjoy our last few days on this earth. 2016.02.23S04.E17

Jax Sweatily Declared Himself Top Dog On Vanderpump Rules

While Stassi continued to annex territory to the west of Katie, Vanderpump Rules gave Jax just enough coke to hang himself with. ...Rope! Just enough rope. 2016.02.16S04.E16

Vanderpump Rules Puckers And Pouts With Aplomb

Katie's launch springs everyone but James into new territory, while the Stassi apology tour adds more dates due to popular demand. 2016.02.09S04.E15

Vanderpump Rules's Stassi Says, 'Sorry, 2016'

The Stassi apology tour rolls through SUR, where the queen bitch meets Mother for a face-off that gets surprisingly frank about how much blackmail storyline we weren't seeing last season. 2016.02.02S04.E14

Vanderpump Rules Has Trouble With Sunglass Putz

Stassi's return and night out with Kristen are fun, but they're not nearly as interesting as speculating why Jax shoplifted a pair of sunglasses and ended up in the slammer. 2016.01.26S04.E13

On This Week's Vanderpump Rules, Lala Means Hello AND Goodbye

The Hawaii trip begins with text-message drama, toplessness, and Jax reverting to full sociopath. 2016.01.19S04.E12

Vanderpump Rules Takes A Pre-Vacation Siesta

Next week kicks off the gang's Hawaiian (mis-)adventure, so this week's episode functioned as the nap you take on the plane getting there. 2016.01.12S04.E11

How Will Vanderpump Rules Ring In The New Year?

With a Tom Schwartz moment that may put you in a dumb, goofy, happy mood. 2016.01.05S04.E10

Talk About Bum Tats, Vanderpump Rules Got 'Em

The Toms return from Vegas having branded themselves with their ladies' letters, all as prologue to an episode packed with apologies, 'comedy,' moms, and freakouts. Happy day-early episode! 2015.12.28S04.E09

A Thirtieth Birthday Twenty-Five Years In The Making

This week Ariana gets the gift that keeps on giving for her birthday (daddy issues), while everyone else gets blue balls! 2015.12.22S04.E08

The Vanderpump Rules Staff Gives 'Til It Hurts (Us)

Lisa puts on a charity dinner for homeless youth, though it's pretty cruel to make them watch the SUR staff and know that these people all have jobs and homes. 2015.12.15S04.E07

SUR's Gay Old Time On Vanderpump Rules

It's a bit by the numbers at this Sexy Unique Restaurant as James's stock plummets and Lala ascends. 2015.12.08S04.E06

Vanderpump Rules Shames The Slut-Shamer

James may have thought he really pulled one off in dumping Kristen and hooking up with Lala. Then Kristen went all Dark Phoenix. 2015.12.01S04.E05

Vanderpump Rules Puts the 'Shun' in 'Intervention'

If you were looking for step-by-step instructions for how not to help a friend with a drug problem, Scheana and her pals are here for you. 2015.11.24S04.E04

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