Vanderpump Rules

EHG Mini: Exclamation Point

Claire asked us to improve a show's title by adding exclamation points. Lots of 'em. 2016.01.18

Vanderpump Rules Takes A Pre-Vacation Siesta

Next week kicks off the gang's Hawaiian (mis-)adventure, so this week's episode functioned as the nap you take on the plane getting there. 2016.01.12S04.E11

How Will Vanderpump Rules Ring In The New Year?

With a Tom Schwartz moment that may put you in a dumb, goofy, happy mood. 2016.01.05S04.E10

Talk About Bum Tats, Vanderpump Rules Got 'Em

The Toms return from Vegas having branded themselves with their ladies' letters, all as prologue to an episode packed with apologies, 'comedy,' moms, and freakouts. Happy day-early episode! 2015.12.28S04.E09

A Thirtieth Birthday Twenty-Five Years In The Making

This week Ariana gets the gift that keeps on giving for her birthday (daddy issues), while everyone else gets blue balls! 2015.12.22S04.E08

The Vanderpump Rules Staff Gives 'Til It Hurts (Us)

Lisa puts on a charity dinner for homeless youth, though it's pretty cruel to make them watch the SUR staff and know that these people all have jobs and homes. 2015.12.15S04.E07

SUR's Gay Old Time On Vanderpump Rules

It's a bit by the numbers at this Sexy Unique Restaurant as James's stock plummets and Lala ascends. 2015.12.08S04.E06

Vanderpump Rules Shames The Slut-Shamer

James may have thought he really pulled one off in dumping Kristen and hooking up with Lala. Then Kristen went all Dark Phoenix. 2015.12.01S04.E05

Vanderpump Rules Puts the 'Shun' in 'Intervention'

If you were looking for step-by-step instructions for how not to help a friend with a drug problem, Scheana and her pals are here for you. 2015.11.24S04.E04

It's All Work And No Shay On Vanderpump Rules

The midseason blues strike early, but Scheana has no time for work drama what with her marriage crumbling at home. How do you think her husband's drug addiction and emotional troubles make HER feel? 2015.11.17S04.E03

Tim Gunn 'Hated' Runway's 14th Season

Lunch And A Show 'hates' to say it but that might be on Tim Gunn, plus other reality-TV disappointments. 2015.11.10

Last Night A DJ Ruined Kristen's Life (On Vanderpump Rules)

Kristen manages to catch James with a smoking Uber receipt and seems all ready to dump his skinny ass. Certainly she'll go through with it, right? 2015.11.10S04.E02

Vanderpump Rules Returns With Yet Another Damn Scheana Party

It's like this girl has a birthday every year or something. 2015.11.03S04.E01

Is Kristen The True Hero Of Vanderpump Rules?

With the fourth season of cocktails, meltdowns, and barely avoided social diseases at Sur, somebody's going to have to fill the void Stassi has left. The show seems to want Scheana? Our correspondents think it should be Kristen. 2015.11.02

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