Utopia (US)

Getting The Finger

Red points out a few things, and someone is pointed to the door. 2014.10.04S01.E09

The 80-20 Rule

One-fifth of the colony is placed on the chopping block. Whose Utopia includes having to listen to the reasons other people want them gone? 2014.10.01S01.E08

Red Flag

Welcome Back to the Utopia State of Freedom. 2014.09.27S01.E07

Open For Business

The Utopians manage to keep the wolf from the door by crowding it out with fans of the show. 2014.09.24S01.E06

Mending Fences

Even as temperatures skyrocket, cooler heads begin to occasionally prevail. 2014.09.20S01.E05

Inner Balance Sheet

With the colony hemorrhaging cash and members, the solution is obvious: yoga. 2014.09.17S01.E04

EHG 42: The Fall Guys

John Ramos returns to talk about the fall shows we're excited for...and the ones that make us nervous. 2014.09.16

Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

One of Utopia's most argumentative citizens has had enough. Only thirteen to go! 2014.09.13S01.E03

Utopia's Truthful TV Title Card

Another title card from a more honest society. 2014.09.11

Breaking It Down

Instead of resolving division of resources and division of labor, two Utopians opt for simple division. 2014.09.10S01.E02

Road To Nowhere

Is Utopia a bold social experiment, or Kid Nation for grown-ups? Here's a hint: there aren't many grown-ups. 2014.09.08S01.E01


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