Unsolved Mysteries

EHG Mini: The Forcening Returns: Sarah Forces Tara

Reporting on the TV show Sarah made Tara watch. 2017.04.21

EHG 139: Who's The King Of The Man In The High Castle?

Our esteemed colleague and historian Chris Huff weighs in on Amazon's alt-history dystopia, a classic '80s Very Special Episode, and more! 2016.12.20

EHG Mini: The Undeletable

What we'll never delete from our DVRs. 2015.08.14

Lunch And A Show: Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Marathon

Having a criminally good time with lunchtime reading. 2015.07.22

EHG Mini: Unsolved Mysteries Casting Lab

Rebooting the docuseries for a new generation. 2015.06.11