Project Runway: Under The Gunn

Gunn Shy

Under The Gunn wasted an opportunity; Sarah hopes its first season is its last. 2014.04.11S01.E13

Shan-ic Panic

A sequin allergy leaves Shan in the weeds during the real-woman challenge. 2014.03.28S01.E11

Two's A Crowd

A pairs challenge that crosses team lines gets ugly, literally. 2014.03.21S01.E10

The Whiff Of Desperation

What's more awkward: the bizarre sponsorship, or everyone hating on Natalia? 2014.03.14S01.E09

Like Sands Through The Hourglass

These are the days of our Natalias running out of time during yet another unconventional-materials challenge. 2014.03.07S01.E08

Ground Up In The Gears

A steampunk challenge puts Team Anya to the test. 2014.02.28S01.E07

Hot Ash

The Pompeii challenge brings out the best, and worst, in Team Nick. 2014.02.21S01.E06

Ask Not For Whom The Isabelle Tolls

It…doesn't, and then it whines that Nick is talking in the belfry. Who else bugged, and who rocked, on last night's Under The Gunn? 2014.02.14S01.E05

Junior Varsity

Anya's advice backfires as Under The Gunn continues to conflate "charming" and "clueless." 2014.02.07S01.E04

What We Talk About When We Talk About Under The Gunn

Winners and losers from the red-carpet challenge, and Sarah has a meta moment. 2014.01.31S01.E03

Seams Like The First Time

The mentor teams are finalized, at agonizing length. Should you bother with Under The Gunn's second ep? 2014.01.24S01.E02

Already Over Under The Gunn?

Sarah's sort of with you…but she's going to wait and see what develops. 2014.01.17S01.E01


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