Under The Dome

The Mindy Project Returns, Dresses The Part

Plus bad bras, worse acting, and window shopping on Lunch And A Show. 2015.09.15

EHG 87: Giving Project Greenlight The, Well, Green Light

Chris Moore superfan Kim Reed consents to join us for the Mann-splaining return of HBO's filmmaking reality show -- and Tara is finally free of the Dome! 2015.09.15

At Last, Everyone Escapes From Under The Dome, And Into Some Other Kind Of Baloney

And we all finally get to find out whether Under The Dome had been saving its Domest material for its grand finale. 2015.09.11S03.E13

Chester's Mill Gets Psyched For De-Dome-ing Eve!

With the Dome coming down 'tomorrow,' it's time to thin the herd so those crowd scenes don't get too expensive in the series finale. In other words: in this penultimate episode, a bunch of people die. 2015.09.04S03.E12

The Oval Office/Dome Crossover That Never Was

Filling up Obama's TV dance card, plus merciful cancellations and beautiful burns, in Lunch And A Show. 2015.09.01

CBS Cancels Under The Dome

Better late than even later! 2015.09.01S03.E13

EHG 85: Coming Home To Playing House

Nick Rheinwald-Jones joins us to talk about one of summer's most delightful sitcoms. 2015.09.01

Under The Dome Prepares To Welcome Its Royal Baby

This one might be covered with more actual royal jelly than the latest British princess, though. 2015.08.28S03.E11

EHG 84: More Like Bear The Walking Dead, Are We Right?

PTV's resident zombie expert, Omar Gallaga, joins us to assess Fear The Walking Dead, alien baseball, and BS. 2015.08.25

EHG 83: Humans: Heard Of 'Em?

John Ramos joins us as we look back on the first season of our #1 show of the summer! 2015.08.18

Love Can Move Mountains, But Can It Move Domes?

While Julia keeps hammering away at Barbie to remind him that he loves her, Eva starts annoying your commentator...for two. 2015.08.14S03.E09

TCA 2015/16: USA And Syfy Have Aliens, More Aliens, Playing House, And Some Old Rich Guy

Really, lots of aliens, and none of them are shooting laser beams from their eyes, probably. 2015.08.12

EHG 82: Project Runway Makes The Cut...Barely.

The Fug Girls talk Tim, talent levels, and what happened to the once-essential reality juggernaut. 2015.08.11

Under The Dome's Resistance Tries To Put Emotions In Motion

Norrie tries out her hypothesis that yelling at people until they can't help getting mad at her will cure Droneitis. If she's right, the crisis should be over real soon. 2015.08.07S03.E08

EHG 81: Let's Give Summer TV A Hand!

Mark Blankenship joins us to talk about the very best of TV this summer! 2015.08.04

32 Short Films About Chester's Mill

Actually, it's a lot fewer short films about Chester's Mill than that. As usual, Under The Dome isn't really that ambitious. 2015.07.31S03.E07

EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

Kim Reed returns to discuss Nev, Max, Ma, Pa, and the Dillon Panthers. 2015.07.28

Under The Dome Gets Locked Up, Not Abroad

Aktaion's best scientists can't crack Christine, so Big Jim gets deputized. Sure, why not. 2015.07.24S03.E06

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