Turn: Washington’s Spies

AMC Has Renewed Turn For A Fourth And Final Season

Let's hope they don't leave on a cliffhanger!!! 2016.07.26

EHG 116: The Heat Is On: Summer TV Preview

Kim Reed and the panel pick our most promising new shows, returning shows we're psyched for, and shows we couldn't care less about as the summer season ramps up. 2016.05.17

Turn Of The Screwed-Over

The Culper-ring spy 'drama' is back with new alliances...and the same old pacing problems. 2016.04.25S03.E01

EHG Mini: Radish Jackson Presents Arugula’s Best Dill Crudités

Replacing main characters with vegetables... 2016.02.18

EHG Mini: Another Perspective

Narrators, take a break: we're tagging in other points of view. 2015.10.26

Lunch And A Show Takes A History

Drunk History, family history, American history, and ham! 2015.10.22

EHG Mini: Weird Question Lightning Round III

Boy bands, Downton remakes, reality Thunderdomes, and more! Sooooo much more. 2015.10.02

EHG 79: Strained Explanations

Omar Gallaga returns to tell us all about the vampire zombies of FX's gross-out supernatural show! 2015.07.21

Turn-ing It Around...Too Late

Is it possible the Culper Ring isn't a good fit with serial TV drama? The second season in review. 2015.06.09S02.E10

Where The Son Don't Shine

The fathers of our hero and our country both act fools as Anna and a Ranger nearly come to blows. 2015.06.02S02.E09

Caleb Takes The Sub Way

Sackett lives on in an Inspector Gadget-y submersible, Shippendre hits a roadblock, and Hewlett rides again. 2015.05.26S02.E08

EHG Mini: The College Try

Andrew Juhl asked us to create new cable networks...and predict their ignominious futures. 2015.05.21


On the latest episode of Churn: Washington's Stomach Acid, our first president has a panic attack, possibly because the actor playing him has a small rodent lodged in his sinuses. 2015.05.19S02.E07

EHG 70: Don't Go Away Mad

John Ramos helps the gang bid farewell to AMC's Mad Men. 2015.05.18

Kissing And Telling

Whole lotta loose lips on this week's Turn, but will they sink ships? And which ones? 2015.05.12S02.E06

Stuck In The Middle With Hewlett

Everyone's caught, busted, or stuck in this week's Turn -- and a key piece is taken off the board. 2015.05.05S02.E05


Abe challenges Townsend, Woodhull Sr. has to eat it, and Sarah's shipping Shippen and Andre on the latest Turn. 2015.04.27S02.E04

You'd Need False Teeth Too If You'd Been Chewing That Much Scenery

George Washington Bale-Batmans his way through the episode while Sarah visits the Feild of dreams. 2015.04.20S02.E03

EHG 66: Game Recognize Game

Return to Westeros with our Game Of Thrones experts Jeff Drake and Nick Rheinwald-Jones! 2015.04.14

Turn-ing It Around

Did the Revolutionary-spy thriller learn from its S1 mistakes? Sarah's cautiously optimistic. 2015.04.13S02.E02

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