True Tori: S02

'I Just Wanna Focus On The Pig Right Now'

Tori 'saves' a pig, goes to the hospital, and acts like Dean's mom AND kid in the latest (and maybe last) True Tori. 2014.12.10S02.E08

The Courtney Of Public Opinion

Tori's parenting-control issues ruin a girls' weekend and Tatum O'Neal is kind of a sketchball on the latest True Tori. 2014.12.03S02.E07

House Of Buggin'

Parenting clashes, rogue implants, and squashing the toddlers in truer-than-average True Tori. 2014.11.26S02.E06

Sob Stori

No, this ISN'T Tori reacting with amusement/nausea to Dean's latest shutdown crying jag. Unfortunately. 2014.11.19S02.E05

Teen Angle

As Dean's oldest son plays on his dad's guilt, Tori faces Dean's ex -- and the truth about her marriage. ...Just kidding! She dances around it some more. Zzz. 2014.11.12S02.E04

You Say Po-Tah-To

Tori and Dean clash over microwaved vegetables and working the program. 2014.11.05S02.E03

So Much Junk

Tori's hoarded storage space and Dean's cancelled vasectomy bring up a lot of stuff for everyone. 2014.10.29S02.E02

And Baby Makes Five (Not Counting Dean)?

True Tori returns with new hairstyles, new symptoms, and the same old problems. 2014.10.22S02.E01


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