True Tori: S01

True Tor-emix

Tori Spelling runs the season through the spin cycle; Sarah sifts the "unseen footage" for something real. 2014.06.11S01.E08

Reunited, And It Feels Faux Good

The True Tori: Sodium Pentothal episode we were promised fails, unsurprisingly, to materialize. 2014.06.04S01.E07

Goodbye But Not Farewell

Dean heads to Canada (OR DOES HE?!) as True Tori wraps its regular episodes with an inverted bell curve of real and fake. 2014.05.28S01.E06

In Dean No Veritas

Relatively real talk in the midst of deeply fake set-ups. 2014.05.21S01.E05

Star Maps

Dean makes Tori a map of key events in their marriage, but is nearly trampled by the elephant in the room in the latest (and less fake) True Tori. 2014.05.14S01.E04

Sleeping Arrangements

Dean's insatiability, Jennie Garth, and other wooden nickels from last night's True Tori. 2014.05.07S01.E03

Sick Of It All

Liam's birthday, Dean's homecoming -- what's the fakest thing in last night's True Tori? 2014.04.30S01.E02

Should You Believe In True Tori?

Donna Martin graduates to a docu-series about her fight to save her marriage. Should you watch, or avert your eyes? 2014.04.23S01.E01


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