True Detective: S01

Don't Ever Change, Man

True Detective's finale was unexpected, and fitting. 2014.03.09S01.E08

The Once And Future King (In Yellow)

Predictions for the True Detective finale, and why the penultimate hour is Sarah's favorite yet. 2014.03.02S01.E07

Oh Maggie I Wish I'd Never Seen Your Face

True Detective's least surprising plot twist showcases its least essential character. 2014.02.23S01.E06

Plot By The Gross

A table-setter episode of True Detective is viscerally affecting. 2014.02.16S01.E05

Rave Review

True Detective schools us all in the rare effective use of a TV trope. 2014.02.10S01.E04

Retired Police Detective Seeks Soulmate, Sominex

True Detective's Rust Cohle tries, and is tried by, internet dating. 2014.01.26S01.E03

Dear Hart

You don't have to honor your vows, but keep the side action offscreen, because it's wasting valuable crime-solving time. 2014.01.19S01.E02

Watch A Trailer For HBO's True Detective

Harrelson. McConaughey. Moody crime investigation. Cautious optimism. 2013.09.09S01.E01


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