Patrick Melrose Is Best In Small Doses

VERY small, so we kept our discussion of the miniseries with Nick Rheinwald-Jones short. More room for a Happy Endings Canon and Game Time! 2018.05.16

Judith Light Is Incredible On Transparent, But Was She This Good Before?

Let's watch her old TV shows and find out! 2016.12.01S03.E10

EHG Mini: How Amusing

Packing entire casts off to Six Flags. 2016.09.05

Watch The Trailer For Season 3 Of Transparent, And Check Out The Premiere Dates For Other Amazon Originals

If you love drama, you'll be extremely psyched about Good Girls Revolt and Goliath. 2016.08.08

Transparent's Second Season Ends More Imperfectly Perfect Than Ever

With S02.E10, Matt Debenham looks back on the sophomore season. 2015.12.18S02.E10

Transparent S02.E09 Offers Radical Observations And Tits Akimbo

It's not quite a walk in the woods at this femme-centric outdoor festival, but everyone's better because of it. 2015.12.18S02.E09

Transparent Goes Inside A Sex Circus In S02.E08

Don't you hate it when you're at the Institute of Sex Research and your mom comes to pick you up? 2015.12.17S02.E08

Josh Celebrates A Transparent Yom Kippur By Unapologetically Eating Deli Meat

In S02.E07 -- the most Jewish episode thus far -- the Pfeffermans try, and fail, to absolve themselves. 2015.12.17S02.E07

Transparent Teaches A Tough Lesson About Bad Timing

Not that a Pfefferman can be expected to know when not to make everything about himself, but Josh really doesn't in S02.E06. 2015.12.16S02.E06

Ask The Off-Putting Life Coach From Transparent

For all intensive purposes, you're going to feel better when you knock down that wall with the help of Laura Milton Kaufberger of S02.E05. 2015.12.15S02.E05

Who's Having The Most Awkward Day In Transparent S02.E04?

Ranking the squirminess in an especially squirmy episode. 2015.12.15S02.E04

Transparent's Colton Is Quiet And Sweet, Yet He's Also A Pfefferman

You've gotta love Transparent's adorable puppy in S02.E03. 2015.12.14S02.E03

On Transparent, Maura's A Supporting Player, And Good For Her

Moving its lead character out of center field is a smart move for Transparent as of S02.E02. 2015.12.11

EHG 97: Heading Into The Lyons' Den For Empire

Eve Batey and Mark Blankenship return to talk about Fox's hip hop soap. 2015.12.08

Crossovers, Spinoffs, And Reunions In Lunch And A Show

Plus a Housewives premiere and lies, lies, lies. 2015.12.02

We Interrupt This Transparent Wedding For A Trip To 1933

Please enjoy this surprise, stirring shift in the middle of the Season 2 premiere. 2015.12.01S02.E01

Battle Of The Middle-Aged Trans Parents

Suddenly, television is full of trans parents. It's fantastic! But which parent is the best ambassador for a family structure that is brand-new to most viewers? 2015.08.21

In The Land Of The Selfish, The Man Who Spares A Nickel Is King

The Transparent season finale clarifies why the show is so watchable. 2014.11.25S01.E10

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