Top Chef: S11

Aloha, New Orleans

The whole gang reunites to say farewell to the season, but is it worth the trip? 2014.02.06S11.E17

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Top Chef, Spam, Spam, Spam, And Spam

Top Chef New Orleans throws us the ultimate twist, by shifting production entirely to another state! We tell you whether it's worth tagging along for the ride. 2014.01.30S11.E16

The Whine-al Showdown

The feud that Nicholas and Carlos have worked on for so long comes to a head, but do the ladies even notice? We let you know what's worth watching on this week's Top Chef. 2014.01.23S11.E15

He's Just A Po'Boy, From A Po' Family

New Orleans Classics, personal experiences, total defeat: which are worth catching in this week's Top Chef? 2014.01.16S11.E14

Sometimes It's Still Okay To Hate The Player

This week's Top Chef features Jacques Pepin AND turns the rules against the judges, so it's just a matter of which are the best parts! We'll help you find them. 2014.01.09S11.E13

No Prize For Second Besht

From gross bugs, petty rivalries, and all the Hawkman you could ask for, there's plenty to see in this week's Top Chef. 2014.01.02S11.E12

Top Chef Gets Schooled

The Top Chefs are sent back to school, just in time to ruin Thanksgiving for students! But how much is worth tuning in for? 2013.12.19S11.E11

Top Chef Seeks Parental Guidance

It's all about happy food memories and painful family issues this week, but how much is over-sharing? Here's what's worth watching this week. 2013.12.12S11.E10

Restaurant Bores

Will half the challenges and twice the snarking make this episode worth watching? We'll help you find the tasty parts. 2013.12.05S11.E09

Top Chef Goes Whole Hog

Can Doctor John, one of the least coherent guest judges in history, make this episode worth the watch? Come find out! 2013.11.21S11.E08

Spaz Hands

There's contagious disease, open weeping, and even musical chairs this week on Top Chef. Could it finally get interesting? 2013.11.14S11.E07

You're The Besht! Around! Nothing's Ever Gonna Keep You Down!

It's a farm-to-table battle judged by John Besh; how much of this Top Chef-isode should be put out to pasture? 2013.11.07S11.E06

Is Anything Scarier Than A Vegetarian Hallowe'en Party?

It's Scary Week here and on Top Chef, with Lea Michele throwing a Hallowe'en bash! But is it spicy or bland? Let Tina Khouri and Mike Smyth tell you what to skip, and what to watch! 2013.10.31S11.E05

The Vietnamese Dumpling Gang

This week it's all about who can out-Asian who on Top Chef, but how much is worth sampling? 2013.10.24S11.E04

Dana Cowin Is A Whipped-Cream Whore

The drama and weirdness start to flare on Top Chef, but how much is worth watching? 2013.10.17S11.E03

Fourth Time's The Harm

Top Chef's judges are too too too repetitive. 2013.10.16S11.E02

New Orleans Wasn't Rebuilt In A Day

Top Chef manages to wait until its second episode before it's all about gumbo and Hurricane Katrina. What's worth watching and what to skip. 2013.10.10S11.E02

'I Am The Swamp Queen!'

Top Chef kicks off its new season in the Big Easy. Let us tell you how much to watch, and what to skip. 2013.10.03S11.E01


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