Top Chef

Pop-Up With People

The chefs have to create tiny restaurants in a day, but it's NOT Restaurant Wars. It's totally different. 2015.12.04S13.E02

Top Chef Is Goin' Back To Cali

'My strategy is...really just give yummy food,' says one contestant. Let's see how that goes! 2015.12.02S13.E01

Stephen Colbert Is Not The Cake Boss Of You

Cheesecake revenge, a MasterChef winner, trash pepper, and more in Lunch And A Show. 2015.09.17

EHG 59: Here For The Right Seasonings

Jeff Drake helps us not biff the protein as we discuss Top Chef, The Bachelor, and more! 2015.02.17

The Finale…Finally

Can you believe this is the last episode of Top Chef this season? Because we can't. 2015.02.12S12.E15

Corn Fungus, Ant Eggs, Guacamole, And Chocolate!

Remember when we said we loved Top Chef so much, we wished it would never end? That was a joke. 2015.02.05S12.E14

And Then There Were Three. Four? No, Wait: Three.

Is this finally the end of this season of Top Chef? 2015.01.29S12.E13

Bean There, Done That

Did you really think the Top Chef chefs would get out of Boston without facing a bean challenge? 2015.01.22S12.E12

Take Your Family To Work Day

There's only four Top Chef contestants left, which means this is the episode that decides the final three! R...ight? 2015.01.15S12.E11

Quit Ridin' My Jacques

The final five on Top Chef have a college flashback before paying tribute to Julia Child. 2015.01.08S12.E10

Padma Needs A Big Sausage

And after she gets one, we finally kick off the Top Chef book club no one was clamoring for. 2014.12.18S12.E09

Eliminated Contestants Should Never Get To Come Back. Ever.

An impassioned treatise on a trend that's poisoning reality television. 2014.12.16

Seven Chowders For Seven Brothers

After two chefs get eliminated, the seven remaining chefs are reduced to six. Sorry, this is Top Chef, not Top Math. 2014.12.11S12.E08

Magellan vs. The Pigs

What time is it when a 16th-century explorer battles four pigs? It's time for Restaurant Wars on Top Chef: Boston! 2014.12.04S12.E07

Six Million Cranberries Can't Be Wrong

The Thanksgiving feast on Top Chef: Boston results in probably a few too many jokes about clams. 2014.11.20S12.E06

Pretty Hard To Conceal A Musket

When the chefs of Top Chef: Boston go to war, everyone wins. Well, except one chef, who goes home. 2014.11.13S12.E05

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A trip to the original Cheers bar on Top Chef: Boston is a trip well within the NORM! 2014.11.06S12.E04

Take Meat Out To The Ball Game

Top Chef: Boston draws its inspiration from the food at Fenway Park. 2014.10.30S12.E03

Tragedy + Time = Food!

Top Chef: Boston plays the Marathon card, the 9/11 card and...the Swayze card? 2014.10.23S12.E02

Padma Spits! Blais Swallows!

So many chefs and so many chicken dinners on the Top Chef: Boston season premiere. 2014.10.15S12.E01

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