Top Chef Duels

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Pot

Ten chefs enter. One chef leaves...eventually, as Top Chef Duels ends its first season with an overstuffed finale. 2014.10.09S01.E10

Southern Comfort

Kevin Gillespie and Art Smith bring their healing hands at home to fried food as the cast of Grey's Anatomy joins the judges' table. 2014.10.02S01.E09

Adam And Uneven

A Garden Of Eden challenge pits the two female Top Chef winners against each other. 2014.09.25S01.E08

Copping A Meal

Jen Carroll and Nyesha Arrington avenge earlier defeats while cooking for the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 2014.09.18S01.E07

Tofu Fighters

Top Chef Duels's meatless crankypants-off tests Dale and Tiffani's metal. 2014.09.11S01.E06

In Which Myriad Repetitions Of The Term 'Sea Squirt' Hurled Sarah Headlong Into The Gooey Maw Of Hysteria

David Burke and Takashi Yagihashi also cooked and were friends, and a guest judge was a pill. 2014.09.04S01.E05

Kicking Butt

CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter rejoin the battle with pork butts and foraged weeds. 2014.08.28S01.E04

Kissin' Cousins

Distant relatives and past competitors Mike Isabella and Antonia Lofaso meet again for a family-style showdown. 2014.08.21S01.E03

Shirley Chung's From Outer Space

Two past finalists have to join the circus in the latest Top Chef Duels. 2014.08.14S01.E02

You Gotta Know When To Blindfold 'Em

Top Chef: Duels gets a little kinky as Marcel and Blais face off in the premiere. 2014.08.07S01.E01


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