Throwing Shade

Watch Throwing Shade Spoof The New York Times 'Weekender' In An 'Ad' For Breitbart

'At Breitbart, you get opinions from the right and the left of the extreme fringe of the far right.' 2017.03.15

Watch Bryan Safi Serve As A One-Man Queer Eye Fab Five On Throwing Shade

Queer Eye is coming back -- but maybe it could cut its cast budget by 80%. 2017.02.08

Watch Throwing Shade's Recap Of Donald Trump's Inauguration

Including a peek behind the curtain at the valiant efforts of the event's talent bookers! 2017.01.25

EHG 142: Does Hunted's Good Idea Make For Bad TV?

Monty Ashley on The Amazing Fugitive, home movies, podcasts, and more! 2017.01.25

Should You Throw In With Throwing Shade?

TV Land gets into the late-night comedy game by adapting a beloved podcast, but will Shade leave you cold? 2017.01.18S01.E01


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