Those Who Kill

EHG Mini: Worst City As Character

The shows that try to The Wire their locales, and fail. 2014.09.25

Where There's Smoke, There's Michael Weston

It's not his fault -- but he keeps showing up at the same time as annoying plotlines and character beats, so he's a Dealbreaker. 2014.06.26

EHG 34: Never Poop In Westeros

Our Game Of Thrones correspondents Jeff Drake and Nick Rheinwald-Jones return to Extra Hot Great to discuss the finale. Here be monsters! (Sort of.) 2014.06.17

EHG 28: It's A Mad Mad Mad Men World

It's Tara's turn to play EHG hooky this week, and John Ramos returns to talk Mad Men and scrap for valuable Dave points. ("That's what she said.") 2014.04.22

Parents Just Don't Understand

The Schaeffers' Very Special chat with their son about crime-scene photos is everything that's dumb -- and good -- about Those Who Kill. 2014.04.08S01.E04

Those Who Bore

Sarah takes her Those Who Kill season pass out and shoots it thanks to meandering "plotting" and a student-film shot that beggars belief. 2014.03.10S01.E02

Is Those Who Kill Worth Hunting Down?

Its leads, yes, but the jury's still out on the rest. 2014.03.03S01.E01