Will Someone Ensure That Ivy Gets The Help She Needs In Thirteen's Finale?

And more questions answered or sparked by the episode. 2016.07.21S01.E05

A Skeleton Turns Up on Thirteen, Bringing More Crime To This Crime Show

But whose skeleton is it? Kim Reed counts down the people around Ivy according to how much they're actually helping her. 2016.07.14S01.E04

Thirteen's Craig Will Never, Ever Understand Sisterly Bonds

Craig proves that he just doesn't grasp the 'sister in the basement' concept, especially since it doesn't directly involve him, and proves Thirteen could do without him. 2016.07.07S01.E03

Thirteen's Second Episode Saves The Best For Last

After many, many, MANY more interviews with the police, lies are revealed before a shocking ending. 2016.06.30S01.E02

Should You Get Held Captive By Thirteen?

Or does the latest 'long-term kidnappee escapes from captivity' show merit a quick exit? 2016.06.23S01.E01


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