The X-Files

Happy Little Trees vs. Mulder's 'I Want to Believe' Poster

It's Bob Ross' uber chill forest vs. TV history's most important wall art! 2017.02.28

EHG Mini: A Matter Of Affairness

Which shows need to split episodes into different perspectives, a la The Affair? 2016.12.26

EHG Mini: Anthologize This

What TV series make more sense as anthologies? 2016.09.02

EHG Mini: Score!

The panel's favorite TV scores. 2016.06.10

EHG 107: Speaking Truth To Catfish

Stephanie Green returns to dig into the Season 5 premiere of MTV's 'investigative' 'non-fiction' series! 2016.03.01

The X-Files Limps To The Finish Line

There's filler, and then there's FILLER. 2016.02.23S10.E06

EHG Mini: The Bray Is Out There

SnideAsides asserted that Brandon sucks more than anything on this planet and possibly others. What would happen if he ended up on The X-Files? Spoiler: death(s). 2016.02.22

The X-Files Takes A Trip To Texas

When a terrorist needs a mind meld, Mulder's ready to take one ('shroom) for the team. 2016.02.15S10.E05

The Walker, Texas Ranger Lever vs. Scully's Date Night Outfit

It's instant Norris vs. a white lacy nightmare straight from 1993! 2016.02.10

I'm Stuck On X-Files, 'Cause X-Files Is Stuck On Me

Golem? Damn near killed 'em! 2016.02.08S10.E04

The X-Files Does The Monster Mash

Mulder finds his faith renewed after a very special graveyard smash. 2016.02.01S10.E03

EHG 102: The X-Files Returns, And We Want To Believe

Eve Batey's back to see if the truth is really out there for this reboot -- and that's not the only '90s TV we're discussing! 2016.01.26

Escape From X-Files Mountain

Geez, kids can be such a headache sometimes. 2016.01.25S10.E02

The More The X-Files Change, The More They Stay The Same

Conspiracies, spacecraft, and assassinations, oh my! 2016.01.24S10.E01

EHG 101: Legends Of Tomorrow...Today!

John Ramos returns to talk about The CW's new superhero team-up joint. 2016.01.19

Preview Jimmy Kimmel's Totally Real Not-Just-A-Bit Cameo In The New X-Files

(It's not real, it's a bit. But watch it anyway.) 2016.01.13

Watch The First Minute Of The New X-Files

It may feel even more familiar than you would have expected! 2016.01.12S10.E01

Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead' vs. The Equalizing Power Of The Price is Right Wheel

It's Gillian Anderson's flawless delivery of a faux endearment vs. daytime TV's leveler! 2015.12.11

Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead' vs. Julia's scarves on Smash

It's Gillian Anderson's flawless delivery of a faux endearment vs. an awkward attempt to replace characterization with neckwear! 2015.12.10

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