The Wine Show

EHG Mini: You’ve Changed

Letting today's TV actors give their current characters some commonality with a character they've each played before. 2017.01.24

While The World Burns, The Wine Show Drinks

Joe and Amelia try to get real about climate change, but end up sounding tone-deaf instead. 2016.08.19S01.E12

The Wine Show Bends The Rules

Which 'guidelines' are made to be broken, and which are there for a reason? 2016.08.18S01.E11

Can The Wine Show Be More Than An Industry Cheerleader?

Mark Blankenship sees something better beneath the chipper brand celebrations. 2016.08.18S01.E10

The Matthews Go On A Wacky Wine Treasure Hunt On The Wine Show, And End Up Finding Love

They're not just looking for wine -- they're looking for romantic wine. Together. 2016.08.17S01.E09

Matthew Goode Proves He's Better With Drink Than Food On The Wine Show

But it's pretty endearing that one of his top ingredients is ketchup. 2016.08.17S01.E08

In Episode 7, The Wine Show's Joe Nearly Shanghais Himself In China

Will he survive the big tannins and bigger pressures of the Far East? Al Lowe ranks his near-death experiences! 2016.08.16S01.E07

Does The Wine Show Need More Show And Less Tell?

And by 'show,' we mean: when will these Matthews make out? 2016.08.16S01.E06

Looking For The Real Joe On The Wine Show

Of course the guy knows his wines...and his moods have more flavor notes than a 1945 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. 2016.08.15S01.E05

The Wine Show Gets Holy

In S01.E04, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys take a trip to the Vatican in search of good Catholic wine. 2016.08.15S01.E04

Welcome To Booze Week!

Raising the bar on our coverage of TV drinks (and drunkenness). 2016.08.15

Will The Wine Show's Matthews Ever Run Away Together?

And other not-yet-burning questions sparked by S01.E03! 2016.08.14S01.E03

The Wine Show Learns Some Tools Of The Winemaking Trade

Ranking the weird, wild, and whimsical segments of the edutainment offerings for oenophiles in S01.E02. 2016.08.13S01.E02

The Wine Show Is Coming To Hulu


Watch The Latest Blooper Reel From The Wine Show

Yes, there is a 'Thriller' dance. Of sorts. 2016.07.06

EHG Mini: Transplanting TV-eh

Moving beloved TV shows just a little ways north. 2016.06.29

Watch Matthew Rhys And Matthew Goode Learn How To Cool Wine On The Wine Show

And warming things up surely is a problem both these men face every day. 2016.06.23

Watch A Blooper Reel From The Wine Show

Charming British self-deprecation alert! 2016.05.12

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