The Walking Dead

Trader Blows

A half-season ends and a major character is lost in an exchange of captives gone horribly wrong. 2014.12.01S05.E08

Scattered Parts En Route

It's mostly set-up in this lead-in to next week's mid-season finale. 2014.11.24S05.E07

Carol's Catching Fire

Memories burn and people change as Carol and Daryl go looking for Beth. 2014.11.17S05.E06

Georgia On My Brains

In which Constantine's producers make (imaginary) overtures to another series where unholy creatures wander the Peach State. 2014.11.14S01.E04

Mystery Of The Mullet Man: Solved

The least surprising revelation of the season still manages to pack an emotional punch, thanks to Abraham. 2014.11.10S05.E05

A Fate Worse Than Beth

A new cast of characters at an Atlanta hospital show us where Beth's been all this time. 2014.11.03S05.E04

What About Bob?

Terminus detritus is dealt with, Bob gets a big laugh, and a church sees some pretty major carnage. 2014.10.27S05.E03

EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

Listen in on the TV Cop roll call! 2014.10.27

There's A Spiritual Crisis Afoot!

The gang moves forward after meeting a priest, but takes one big step back with new obstacles. 2014.10.20S05.E02

Terminating Terminus

Four or five episodes' worth of story are compressed into one explosive premiere. 2014.10.13S05.E01

Walking To The Finish Line, Dead

The Marathon Diary stumbles randomly through the forest on the way to the finish line of The Walking Dead. 2014.10.09

Tanks A Lot, Governor

Looks like the Governor went out and got himself a tank. That's bad news for people in the prison and people who don't like hilarious headline puns. 2014.10.02

The Best Folk In The World Are Prison Folk

Even being partially blown up isn't enough to crush the morale of the people at the least zombie-infested prison in the land. Not right away, anyway. 2014.09.25

The Return Of That One Guy

Apparently, the guy from the pilot episode still isn't dead. Good for him! He seems a bit crazy, though. 2014.09.18

'Allo, Governor!

Diving into Season 3, Monty meets a prison full of zombies and a town full of secrets. Probably. Right? 2014.09.11

Burning Down The Actors

After some wheel-spinning, the Marathon Diary finally gets to the action. Goodbye, farm! And several cast members! 2014.09.04

Farm Living

The desperate fight against killer zombies has slowed down a bit so everyone can get some hammock time in. 2014.08.28

Learning About Zombies

Zombies are bad at ladders but pretty good at chain-link fences. It's very complicated, as Monty learns via the Marathon Diary. 2014.08.21

Start Walking

So, what's this Walking Dead show all about? Chock full of walking? Just a little bit of nanny? Monty aims to find out! 2014.08.14


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