The Voice

The Voice Knocks Out Another Round

Guest coaches Faith and Tim barely leave their marks as the Knockout round wraps up and Carson contemplates his life. 2016.11.01S11.E14

The Voice Knocks Out One Last Debut

Team Miley gains a dark horse as Blake tries to break free of the country mold. 2016.10.25S11.E13

The Voice Said Knock You Out

A new round starts, but doesn't exactly sparkle. 2016.10.25S11.E12

Is The Voice Over Itself?

Teams Adam, Blake, and Alicia all make cases for us not to care. 2016.10.19S11.E11

Have No Fear, Gwen Stefani Will Officially Be Coming Back To The Voice Next Season

And she and Blake Shelton will probably rotate their chairs together, holding hands. 2016.10.18

The Voice Wows, For Once

But even one good performance doesn't justify the presence of a certain legend. 2016.10.18S11.E10

The Voice Battles With Stylists And Vocal Stylings

Miley's jumpsuit, Sophia's jacket, and Michael's glasses all steal the show (and were maybe purchased at the same thrift shop?). 2016.10.11S11.E09

The Voice's Battles Begin

Season 11 heads into the Battles, as The Voice starts showing its age. 2016.10.11S11.E08

It's A Full House On The Voice

DJ Tanner's daughter earns herself a few chair turns, but Adam and Miley seem to have some buyer's remorse as The Voice closes out the Blinds on an otherwise low note. 2016.10.04S11.E06

Has Blake Overstayed The Voice's Welcome?

Blake's got a problem with Miley's voice and some middling new team members. 2016.09.28S11.E05

Adam Levine Has Some Explaining To Do On The Voice

On Adam, and other questionable decisions, in the latest installment of the Blind Auditions. 2016.09.27S11.E04

The Voice Gets Girl Power

Miley and Alicia make their presence felt, as powerful female singers drown out the former boys club. 2016.09.20S11.E03

Season 11 Of The Voice Comes In Like A(n Extremely Tame) Wrecking Ball

Coaches Miley and Alicia make their debuts, as does some mediocre talent. 2016.09.20S11.E02

EHG Mini: Back-To-School Blues

The shows we're pre-dreading this fall. 2016.08.24

The Voice Drags Itself Across The Finish Line

Just look at the excited faces of the finalists! Two of the four of them can't wait to crawl back into their hotel beds and forget this ever happened. 2016.05.25S10.E28

The Voice Finals Deliver, Carson Says Meh

Adam forgot to study for finals, but Alisan's near-flawless performances mean that we won't be grading on a curve. Either way, Carson's not impressed. 2016.05.24S10.E27

The Voice Finds Its Finalists

America gets half the vote right, as four semi-talented semi-finalists get sent home, and four marginally more talented finalists luck out. 2016.05.17S10.E26

The Voices Duet, To Their Detriment

The semi-finals (and Pink!) are here, but we're still no closer to finding out the meaning of Pharrell's plant hat. 2016.05.17S10.E25

The Voice Is 4 Real

Because what do you get when you mix music and bold fashion? This group, plus Carson and Christina. They never stopped never stopping the party they started in 1998. 2016.05.11S10.E24

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