The Vampire Diaries

Sybil Is The Anti-Bridezilla To Caroline On The Vampire Diaries, And It's Oddly Perfect

She's not a manatee, but she's the pure evil this show needs as it gears up for the end times. 2016.11.05S08.E03

Why Does The Vampire Diaries Have To Make It So Sad To Watch Damon Get His Kill On?

It's almost as depressing as Bonnie's guitar playing! Anyway: Liane Bonin Starr's got questions about the Season 8 premiere. 2016.10.21S08.E01

EHG 124: Where No EHG Has Gone Before: The Star Trek Fantasy Draft

Variety's Mo Ryan and draft captain David Snyder join us to explore distant worlds...and fight over who gets Spock. 2016.07.26

Will The Vampire Diaries Seriously Ever Let Bonnie Catch A Break?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the Season 7 finale! 2016.05.13S07.E22

Enough With The Fake-Outs, The Vampire Diaries

Good opener, but thanks for the heart attack, jeez. 2016.05.06S07.E21

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Bonnie A Tough Lesson About Reading The Fine Print

Because this poor punching bag hasn't been through enough, right? 2016.04.29S07.E20

Ask The Vampire Diaries's Unstable Vampire Hunter

She's tortured by the bloodthirsty visions of killers, but she still has opinions. (She also mostly just wants a cheeseburger and a nap.) 2016.04.22S07.E19

The Ultimate Bad Boy Of The Vampire Diaries Seeks Drinking Buddy, Cuddles

Damon Salvatore's too old to know how to use the internet, but we found his online dating profile anyway! 2016.04.15S07.E18

Ask The Vampire Diaries's Irritable Lesbian Heretic

She knows her poetry, but don't ask her to deal with your nonsense. 2016.04.01S07.E16

Sure, Rayna Lives To Kill On The Vampire Diaries, But That Doesn't Make Her Bad

She could never bring herself to kill a vampire with such blue, blue eyes. 2016.03.04S07.E15

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Stefan And Caroline A Tough Lesson About Supernatural Childbirth

It's time for Caroline to get birthing those twin parasitic babies! 2016.02.19S07.E13

Ask The Vampire Diaries's Really Sad Vampire Who Wants To Die

You've got questions? Yeah, well, some of us have real problems, jerk. 2016.02.12S07.E12

The Vampire Diaries Teaches Damon A Tough Lesson About Handling His Emotions

In an episode that's like Groundhog Day, but with more killing. 2016.01.29S07.E10

The Salvatore Brothers Learn A Tough Lesson About Being Clear-Headed In Vengeance On The Vampire Diaries

It's another heartwarming Vampire Diaries Christmas! But not really. 2015.12.10S07.E09

Sorry, Lily: The Vampire Diaries Is TV, Not Group Therapy

Liane Bonin Starr is not a crackpot for being tooooooootally fine with how things go for Lily in the latest episode. 2015.12.04S07.E08

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