The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Watch Hamilton's Daveed Diggs And Black Thought Rap About Voting On The Tonight Show

Spitting a very compelling case for exercising one's franchise! 2016.11.08

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch And Jimmy Fallon Play 'Mad Lib Theater' On The Tonight Show

Oh, crumbs! (Wait, this is Benedict Cumberbatch, not Hugh Grant.) 2016.11.04

Watch Jay Leno Take Over Jimmy's Monologue On The Tonight Show

It's good to know that Fallon has a backup, just in case he has more finger accidents in the future. 2016.11.01

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play 'True Confessions' With Martin Short And Steve Martin On The Tonight Show

Because you want to hear about Steve Martin's possible sexual escapades first thing in the morning. 2016.10.28

Watch Justin Timberlake And BFF Jimmy Fallon Play 'Best Friends Challenge' On The Tonight Show

It's no secret that these two are weirdly close. But let's put them to the test anyway. 2016.10.27

Watch Two Harmonizing Barry Gibbs On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It's officially fall when two Barry Gibbs sing about it, 'Electric Company'-style. 2016.10.13

Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Play A Rousing Game Of 'Would You Rather' On The Tonight Show

Fallon adds a whole new level to your favorite sleepover party game. 2016.10.12

Watch Sarah Paulson Sing 'Shoop' On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Girl, what's her weakness? Men who shove microphones in her face. 2016.10.07

Watch A Writer From The Tonight Show Play 'VP Or TV' With Fellow New Yorkers

As it turns out, our candidates don't really stand out in a crowd. 2016.10.05

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play 'Box Of Lies' With Emily Blunt On The Tonight Show

His team is getting pretty darn creative with those box fillers. 2016.10.04

Watch Joe Biden Recreate A Photo (And Eat Some Tonight Dough) On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Maybe he's more of a mint chocolate chip kind of guy. It's a shame that Fallon didn't ask ahead. 2016.09.30

Watch Samuel L. Jackson Yell At Kittens On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If these kittens don't see 'The Raid 2' immediately, all hell will break loose. 2016.09.28

Watch Hillary Clinton Get Advice From Children On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Kids these days demand more Snapchat, less Instagram from their future president. 2016.09.20

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play Slapjack With Kevin James On The Tonight Show

Getting hit in the face with a gigantic foam rubber hand? Nothing can go wrong with that! 2016.09.15S03.E201

Watch Jimmy Play Jell-O Shot Twister With Shaquille O'Neal On The Tonight Show

Shaq admits that it's the first time he's had Jell-O in 20 years, which is strangely adorable. 2016.09.13S03.E199

Watch Questlove And David Spade Reenact A Bachelor in Paradise Scene On The Tonight Show

Using actual dialogue from the show, these two prove they're reality TV-worthy. 2016.09.01S03.E192

Watch Barb Confront The D&D Kids In The Tonight Show's Stranger Things Spoof

'D'you forget about something? D'YOU FORGET ABOUT OLD BARB?!' 2016.09.01

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