The Sopranos

Theme Song Slaughter

Giving TV themes the successful-Nonac treatment. 2018.04.02

Plan Beatriz

How Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie can change other shows. 2017.12.07

EHG Mini: M. Night Shyamalabbey

Outrageous twists come to Downton. 2017.06.29

EHG Mini: In Heavy Rotation

Stealing TV lines for daily use. 2017.03.31

The Unsung Zero Of The Sopranos

Everyone knows 'Pine Barrens' is an all-time-great episode. No one remembers Jackie Jr.'s contributions. 2017.02.27S03.E11

EHG Mini: Suddenly Canadian

Turning American shows Canadian. 2017.01.06

Season's Greetings From Tonto, Tarzan, And Frankenstein vs. Pizzaland

It's a monotone carol vs. an iconic business from the Sopranos credits! 2016.12.26

EHG 138: Filling Our Plates With Top Chef

We invited Jeff Drake to sharpen his knives for his latest visit! 2016.12.13

EHG Mini: Three Years

Jumping ahead a la Deutschland 83/6. 2016.11.21

The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee vs. Frasier's Skyline

It's wig-snatching and body hacking vs. jazzing up the title card! 2016.09.26

The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee vs. 'Regina Phalange'

It's wig-snatching and body hacking vs. a commitment to an alias! 2016.09.25

The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee vs. Quark's Root Beer Analogy

It's wig-snatching and body hacking vs. an outsider view of the Federation! 2016.09.24

'You Were F---ing Tessa Campinelli?' vs. The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee

It's the F-Bomb heard 'round Canada vs. wig-snatching and body hacking! 2016.09.23

EHG Mini: Foley Work

The best sound designs on TV. 2016.08.17

EHG Mini: Justice League

Assembling procedural dream teams from all walks of TV. 2016.08.04

EHG Mini: Catfish Crossover

Imagining what happens when TV characters trick each other online. 2016.08.03

EHG Mini: John's Sopranos TV Forcening

In which John learns an important truth about Alicia Witt. 2016.07.25

EHG Mini: Hamm It Up or HAMM!

Adapting TV series as Jon Hamm vehicles. 2016.06.17

Brad Womack Picking Himself vs. 'Take Your Hat Off'

It's a boneheaded bachelor who rejected 25 hopefuls vs. a Soprano-style etiquette lesson! 2016.05.27

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