The Slap

EHG 65: The Beginning Of The End Of Mad Men

Our Mad Men correspondent John Ramos joined us to discuss the AMC flagship's final premiere, D.B. Cooper, man soaps, and more! 2015.04.07

It All Comes Down To David LaSlapelle Over Here

At the end of a season finale that is somehow the showcase episode for Ritchie of all goddamn people, who's the most slapworthy? The answer may surprise you! Unless you watched it. 2015.04.03

Mother, May I Slap With Danger?

The Slap serves up an episode focused on the only character that matters, and it actually doesn't disappoint. 2015.03.27S01.E07

Come What Mayhem

If Allstate spokesdick Dean Winters ever steps down, Sarah's got a few ideas for replacing him. 2015.03.27

Physician, Slap Thyself

Focusing on Aisha shows us that maybe she shouldn't actually be that judgmental about her in-laws. Or about anyone, really. 2015.03.20S01.E06

Edge Of Slapenteen

No one cared that/why Connie has daddy issues, but here they all are anyway. The real question is: who comes out of the episode in most desperate need of a slap? 2015.03.13S01.E05

Beware Of Greeks Slapping Gifts

The episode focused on Hector's dad (who's also Harry's surrogate dad, apparently) is an immersion in the Greek-American experience, but who comes out of it most in need of a slap? 2015.03.06S01.E04

30 Odd Foot Of Slap

An Anouk-focused episode shows us why she might have doubts about her much-younger, band-side-projecting boyfriend, because we sure do! 2015.02.27S01.E03

The Slaptermath Commences

Episode 2 goes home with Harry, but who's the most annoying person in his orbit? We're counting them down from least to most deserving of a slap. 2015.02.19S01.E02

EHG 59: Here For The Right Seasonings

Jeff Drake helps us not biff the protein as we discuss Top Chef, The Bachelor, and more! 2015.02.17

What Other Important-Issue Miniseries Will The Slap Inspire?

Hey, if a miniseries is what it takes to stop the scourge of double-dipping, your editors will set their DVRs right damn now. 2015.02.13

Should You Help Make The Slap A Hit?

NBC's new event miniseries covers literally the worst thing ever to happen to a Brooklyn parent: another adult smacking their kid in the face. 2015.02.12S01.E01


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