The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns

'My Notes: "Get Rid Of The Nails. You're In Or You're Out."'

The discernment period ends for the women of The Sisterhood, and your editors discuss their meaningful spiritual journey for the last time. 2014.12.17S01.E05

'It's Got To Be Frustrating When The Production Arranges For Darnell To Show Up In Chicago. (I Assume We Agree That That's What Happened, Because: Come On.)'

The discerners move on to their second convent, in a rough part of Chicago. Enter Sister Beth Ann, whose ability to tolerate their BS is...low. 2014.12.09S01.E03

'You Don't Need To Know The Rosary To Recognize A Jackass, CLAIRE'

The discerners take on their first assignment and have their first fight, thanks to Claire; your editors discuss! 2014.12.02S01.E02

Should You Spend A Discernment With The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns?

Lifetime's latest reality show follows five young women deciding whether to become nuns. And yes, it's a great time-slot companion for True Tori. 2014.11.25S01.E01


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